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Name Class Vehicle Hometown Sponsor
Rodger Boguse
E1Evanston, ILMazda Thermo Contracting
Scott Green
E2Roscoe, ILMeiborg
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Zachary Meiborg
E2Roscoe, ILMeiborg Bros Trucking
William Raasch
E2Wauwatosa, WI
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Jim Halvorson
E4Columbus, WIGold Star Coffee
profile photo
Jason Martin
E4River Grove, IL
profile photo
Michael Thomae
E4Wauwatosa, WI Wikk Industries / Forty 48 Competition
Eric Kwasigroh
E5East Peoria, IL
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Gail Woelfle
E5Brooklyn, WiDog and Butterfly Racing
Class totals: E1: 1E2: 3E4: 3E5: 2
Enduro Co-Drivers
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