TRSS Coach/Volunteer - 9/12/20 Oxford Valley Mall requirements on Sep 12, 2020 (652911) |

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TRSS Coach/Volunteer - 9/12/20 Oxford Valley Mall

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In-Car Coach

An in-car coach rides with the student in the car that the student drives daily and advises the student in car control exercises similar to segments of an autocross course. No helmets are worn or communicators used.

Coaches should have at least two years experience in autocross, high performance driving events or club racing. We particularly encourage you to sign up as a coach if you are a nationally-trained PCA DE instructor, BMW CCA driving school instructor or SCCA autocross competitor.

Unless you have already done so, please complete a short on-line training course that addresses how best to engage with teenagers: In-Car Coach Training. After you complete the course, e-mail your certificate as noted at the end of the training course. 



Our volunteers make the school possible by registering students, setting and resetting the exercises, directing traffic, directing students from exercise to exercise, and keeping the range safe. No prior experience is necessary!

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