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PCASDR Autocross - Qualcomm Stadium West Lot

Event Requirements

Registration closed February 2, 2015 11:59 PM at 2015-02-02T23:59:00-0800 Registration ends February 2, 2015 11:59 PM at 2015-02-02T23:59:00-0800 Registration opens January 4, 2015 7:30 PM at 2015-01-04T19:30:00-0800 Registration runs from January 4, 2015 7:30 PM to February 2, 2015 11:59 PM

Who May Register for PCASDR Autocross Events in 2015:

- PCASDR limits AX participation to PCA Members Only.
- PCA Members may bring their Porsche or Non-Porsche (X-Car) to the event.
- There is a limit of 25 PCA Member X-Cars per event.
- If you own a Porsche, you can become a PCA Member for $46 per year. Visit the PCASDR website at http://www.pcasdr.org and click the “Join PCA” link.

PCASDR Autocross Experience Requirements:

No prior autocross experience is required. However, until you have driven 4 autocrosses, you are required to pre-register for SDR autocrosses on MotorSportReg.
- Any Student with fewer than 5 AXs is not permitted to register on the day of the event.
- PCASDR Instructors are assigned to Students with fewer than 5 AX or Performance Driving events.
- Instructors are required for experienced Drivers new to PCASDR AX events.
- Junior Participation is permitted and applies only to 16 and 17 year old Children of PCA Members registered in Autocross and driving a Porsche. The Junior Participation Program requires the Minor's Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement forms. These forms must be signed and witnessed at the event. The forms and requirements are available here: www.pca.org/search/site/jpp

Helmets Required:

- A limited number of loaners are available at a cost of $10.

PCASDR Tech Inspection:

- All Entrants must bring their PCA Membership Card and a completed Tech Inspection form to the Tech Inspection Team at the event. Your Porsche Car Class must be listed on this form. See Zone 8 Classification instructions that follow.
- Tech Inspection Opens 6:30-7:15 AM. Have your Tech Sheet filled out and signed. Your car number must be on your car.
- There is a $20 late fee if not in line by 7:15 AM. Tech Inspection is closed at 7:30 AM to allow for the Driver's meeting.
- Immediately after Tech Inspection, turn in your completed form at the tech table to receive your run group sticker, wristband and Car/Driver Number.

Required: Zone 8 Car Classification

- PCASDR requires that you classify your car in our PCA Zone 8 System. See Car Classification instructions below.
- Any Non-Porsche Cars are classified as "X" Class and do not have to register in this system.

Car Classification Instructions: Classify your car at the following link and it will auto fill onto your Tech Form: http://zone8.pca.org/CarClass/Default.aspx

- Register.
- Add a car. It is easy and asks you all the tough questions. NOTE: This does not automatically get uploaded to the PCASDR AX Registration Database! You will need to provide this info when you register on Motorsport Reg or at the track when you go through Tech and the Trailer Registration.
- After your car is classified go to View/Edit my cars.
- On the right side of that line will be View-PDF-Edit-Delete.
- Press PDF and your Tech Form will be filled out with all your car info and modification points and ready to download to your desktop.
- Save it to your computer.
- Open it and fill in your personal info. Only car info is saved on the website for personal privacy reasons.
- Save this version and you can print out a completed tech sheet before every AX.

Car/Driver Numbers:

- Car/Driver Numbers are assigned when you pre-register. You may request a number when you register and it may be assigned to you if available.
- This number will be your Car/Driver Number for use at PCASDR Autocross events.
- There are different Numbers assigned for our Time Trial Series. Your AX Car/Driver number may or may not be available in our TT series.
- The AX Car/Driver Number is yours to use if you participate in at least one PCASDR AX event per calendar year. If this requirement is not met, the number may be re-assigned to another driver.

Zone 8 Competition Rules, PCASDR Standing Rules:

- Zone 8 Competition Rules and PCASDR Standing Rules will be followed and are available at: http://zone8.pca.org/rules.php and http://pcasdr.net/2013/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/StandingRules.pdf

PCASDR Required Insurance Waiver:

- All Drivers and Guests, including Minors, are required to sign the PCASDR Insurance Waiver.

6:30 AM - Tech Inspection Opens - be prepared to show your PCA membership card and have your car number on your car (6 inch height minimum, 1 inch stroke width, contrasting color).
6:35 AM- Pre-Registration Opens – Take your signed/completed tech form and receive your arm band and run group sticker.

6:45 AM - Trailer Walk-Up Registration Opens (no Students permitted to register the day of the event). There is a penalty fee for walk-ups. Pre-register using the on-line motorsportreg.com system and save time as well as money.
7:15 AM - Late Fees begin if not in Tech Inspection line by now ($20).
7:30 AM - Tech Inspection Closes, no admittance if not in Tech Inspection line.
7:40 AM - Mandatory Driver's Meeting and Student/Instructor pairings announced.
8:15 AM - Track tour (15 MPH max, no helmets, two people per car).
9:00 AM - Practice Sessions Begin.
11:00 AM - Lunch truck available, usually while practice sessions are in progress.
2:00 PM (approx) - Timed Runs Begin.
5:00 PM (approx) - Timed Runs Finished, Track Closed, Pick Up Track and Trailer area.
5:45 PM (approx) - Awards ceremony.

Please note: Qualcomm has a 93 decible maximum which is enforced at the event by a portable sound meter.


AX Pre-Registration: preregQ@pcasdr.org
AX Chief Driving Instructor: cdiq@pcasdr.org
AX Chair: ax@pcasdr.org
Tech Advisor: techadvisor@pcasdr.org
More information: www.pcasdr.org click Resources, click Autocross

Registration closed February 2, 2015 11:59 PM at 2015-02-02T23:59:00-0800
Registration opens January 4, 2015 7:30 PM at 2015-01-04T19:30:00-0800

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