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FSR Fall 2022 Drivers Ed At VIR Full Course

Event Requirements

Registration closed October 8, 2022 9:00 AM at 2022-10-08T06:00:00-0700 Registration ends October 8, 2022 9:00 AM at 2022-10-08T06:00:00-0700 Registration opens July 16, 2022 9:00 AM at 2022-07-16T06:00:00-0700 Registration runs from July 16, 2022 9:00 AM to October 8, 2022 9:00 AM


  • This event is open all drivers 18 and over with a valid state or province-issued driver's license. 
  • There is no restriction on car make/model. No trucks, Porsche SUVs only allowed for "instructed student drivers" or by instructors with SUV driving students. 
  • Cars must pass technical inspections (see links below) to show they are safe for track use.  
  • VIR does not allow convertibles/cabriolets without fixed roll-over protection for both the driver and instructor.
  • Convertibles driven without a top up (Top Up is recommended) require arm restraints for the driver and any instructor and proper eye protection for both driver and instructor. (students--please understand it may be difficult to find instructors willing to ride in an open top car as it makes it more difficult to instruct and weather will be a factor.
  • Roll bars and hoops must have coverage (meet the "broomstick test") for both drivers and instructors. Roadsters with a single hoop behind the driver are not allowed except for solo drivers. 
  • Cars must have fenders for all four wheels. (including Atoms)
  • Drivers must wear an approved helmet (SA 2020 or SA 2015)  We do NOT accept M rated helmets of any year.
  • Drivers must wear proper clothing. Bring long sleeve T-shirts and long pants of natural fibers as well as closed toe shoes.  
  • If driving a track/race prepared car (stripped interiors) should consider wearing a racing fire suit. 
  • If your car is equipped with and you are using racing seats, harnesses and roll/harness bars you must wear a proper Head and Neck Restraint (eg HANS).
  • Wristbands will be issued at registration and will be worn the entire event.
  • This event will run rain or shine. 
  • This is NOT a racing event or racing school.  Our events focus on learning proper high performance driving techniques that will translate well into both street and track use.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment where all participants have fun and return home with their vehicle in the same condition as when they arrived, but having learned something new and made a few new friends.  We pride ourselves on our low-key, low stress events that will make you want to join us again.
  • All the following information, in more detail, is available via links in the DE section of the FSR website (link below) and will also be in the information package that will be posted at the same link shortly before registration opens. 


  • When registering, please select your experience based on the following as a guide.  We request that you keep your MotorsportReg.com experience profile up to date, particularly which run group you ran with in your most recent events, to assist us in making accurate run group assignments.  
    • Green: Novice and Beginner ( typically 0-5 events) (Instructed)
    • Blue: Novice/Intermediate (typically 5-10 events) (Instructed) 
    • Blue Solo: previous Blue, with documented experience of solo experience on VIR Full course
    • White: Upper intermediate Solo and advanced (typically 10-40 events with documented solo exp)
    • Black: Upper advanced Solo and instructor overflow (typically 40+ events) (Expended passing rules apply)
    • Red: Instructors Only (expanded passing rules apply)
  • Your preferred car number will be requested in the car info section of the registration form in your account profile.  If there are repeat numbers within a run group, we'll give priority to regular FSR instructors and drivers and then based on registration date and assign alternate numbers as appropriate.  Number assignments can be a particularly painful evolution, so please ensure your selection and alternate choices are correct.  Popular numbers are those that are easy to create using tape, so 1, 7, 0 and any combination of these are too popular and will guarantee conflicts, so pick something more unusual if you want to get it every time.  
  • All cars must have numbers at least 8 inches high on each side of the car in a bright, easy to read contrasting color.  Shoe polish on windows, although a less preferred method, is permitted, but the color must be bright and visible by the corner workers.  Blue painters tape is acceptable, but must be visible (light green painters tape is also available for darker cars or on tinted windows) and you must check regularly that it stays adhered to your car as it is prone to blowing off.  Full event participants must provide their own numbers. Numbers will only be available for "Intro to HPDE" students if requested.


  • All participants (instructors included) must have a tech inspection completed prior to the event (within 30 days of the event) and bring their completed tech form with them to the track.  The inspection must be performed by a qualified mechanic (i.e. a professional) or club tech inspector and the form filled out, signed and stamped by the mechanic/inspector (if they have a stamp). The form will be signed and turned in at initial Track Tech.  The tech form and specifics about how tech is conducted at the track for each run group is in the event info pack, available with all other docs and forms at the FSR website link below.  de-tech-form-2021.pdf
  • All participants, staff, and guests must sign the event insurance waiver at track registration.  Everyone will also be required to sign VIR’s waiver at the main entrance when they arrive and then again with the PCA registrar.  Nobody should be in the Paddock without a PCA issued wristband on (family, friends, crew, volunteers, spectators must all register with us and obtain a wristband. 
  • Camping and paddock power can be arranged through VIR.  Please contact them directly for info. The Event Information Packet will have lodging information. Camping in your car trailer in te paddock is not permitted without paying VIR the nightly camping fee.


  • Please bring your own copies of the required forms - which are listed in the event info pack located on the PCA FSR website .  The sample event schedule is available here:
  •  Oct-21 VIR Schedule (TBD): Oct-19-VIRSchedule_V2-1.pdf
  • Email updates will be provided to all registered participants when final run group and car numbers are assigned or new documents are posted online, i.e. the event schedule and instructor assignments.  If you have an issue with your group assignment, please contact the Registrar immediately after receiving your assignment.
  • The Event Information Pack, PCAFSR_VIRfullHPDE(V3).pdf  a pdf document which includes event specifics and all required forms, can be found in the Documents section of the PCA FSR website, a track map and DE Student Tips.  Other event documents, such as the final schedule and instructor/student assignments, will also be posted there as they are published.  Once you register for the event, you will receive "heads up" emails as these new documents are posted. 

Instructors:  If you've instructed with FSR since 2008, you should have the “Instructor Entry” option available to register on the online registration form.  If this option is not available and you have instructed with us in the past, please email the DE Registrar BEFORE YOU REGISTER so that we can add you to our instructor list. If you have never instructed with FSR, please provide your credentials/references via email to the DE Registrar or Chief Track Instructor BEFORE YOU REGISTER. We will then add you to our list and the instructor option will become available to you online.  In either case, you must have FSR on your list of clubs in your Motorsportreg.com profile for the registrar to add you as an instructor.

Method of Payment (current credit card information) for this event is upon registration.  

Cancelation/Refund Policy:  Credit Cards are billed approximately two weeks prior to the event.

No refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of the event start date.  A Motorsportreg.com CREDIT will be issued, allowing you to use the credit to register for a future PCA FSR DE (up to one year).

CREDIT requests must be made in writing or through the motorsportreg.com cancelation button on the MY EVENTS page.  No-shows will NOT receive a credit.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the DE Registrar.

Please double-check your email address and update your credit card information to assure you don't miss anything important!

If you have any questions or are not sure how to proceed, please email the DE Registrar and we'll steer you in the right direction.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Registration closed October 8, 2022 9:00 AM at 2022-10-08T06:00:00-0700
Registration opens July 16, 2022 9:00 AM at 2022-07-16T06:00:00-0700

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