Sun, Oct 15, 2023

WMRC Round 9 + Western Canadian Championship

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit

About this event

We are the Lower Mainland’s premier motorcycle racing club with over 60 years of rich racing heritage. Come race with us and enjoy some of the most fun you could ever possibly have on 2 wheels!

Event requirements

All participants should be familiar with the Competition Rules And Technical Requirements which govern WMRC events.

Important Excerpts from the WMRC Rule Book
Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. Please review the rule book in it's entirety.
  • A Transponder is MANDATORY for timing and scoring purposes.
  • A current sanctioning body competition license is required for all WMRC race events.
  • At all times, Sportsmanship and Fair Play will serve as the guiding concepts in WMRC events.
  • It is the responsibility of every competitor to inform the WMRC of any physical condition that might prevent the safe control of a motorcycle under race conditions, as well as any medical condition that could be worsened by virtue of competition in a WMRC event.
  • A FIRE EXTINGUISHER IN WORKING CONDITION IS REQUIRED to be on display at each paddock/pit area. The minimum rating acceptable is ABC (5 lb. capacity).
  • No machine shall exceed a noise level of 95dbA measured at track-side at the start/finish line during any race or practice session. Any machine in violation of this rule will be immediately Black Flagged and must be able to demonstrate that the problem has been rectified before being allowed back on to the track. The Race Officials will monitor the sound levels during each race or practice session and we will warn the rider of any machine that exceeds an average of 95dbA. There are NO REFUNDS for sound failures.
  • All helmets must be as new, good condition and Snell M2015, Snell M2020, ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 or FIMGP certified. Helmet must be no older than 5 year old from date of manufacture. All helmets and gear must pass mandatory technical inspection at the start of each race day.

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit

Mission, BC
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club

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