Sat, Apr 1, 2023

Winter Thaw @ Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock Park

About this event

This is a RaceTime Trial and HPDE Event

Live Timing and Scoring will be available for this event

Event Schedule: TBA

This event will be limited to 20 cars per run group

Noise Limit Notice for Lime Rock Park:
All cars competing at Lime Rock Time Trial events must be muffled to 90dB or below.
This noise limit is strictly enforced by the track.


Event Fees (Online Early Registration):
Race / Time Attack / HPDE
Saturday Registration: $325


Event Fees:
Race / Time Attack / HPDE
Saturday Registration: $375


Student Fees (Online Early Registration):
Student Registration $425


Student Fees:
Student Registration $500


Student package includes:
Classroom Instruction
In-car instruction
EMRA License and Membership fees
EMRA Decals


Transponder Rental: (optional)
Transponder Rental $45
$550 deposit (credit card or check) is required at the track.

Licensing Fees:
Annual EMRA Membership & License Renewal: $100
Temporary Weekend License*: $35.

Payment is required at the time of registration.

For more information about EMRA please Contact Us

 *A temporary weekend license may be purchased when a driver holds a competition license from recognized motorsport organization other than EMRA and chooses not to be an EMRA member. A copy of your current license must be emailed to  David Addiss at  Race entrants must include

Contact EMRA’s Time Trial Chairperson if you are unsure about your status.

Event requirements

 ** Noise Restrictions at Lime Rock Park **

Lime Rock Park enforces a strict 90dB noise limit on all cars running at the track at EMRA events. Please take any necessary measures to ensure that your car meets this track requirement before you arrive at tech inspection.

Any cars that exceed this limit at tech will not be allowed to compete until corrected.

Important Safety Reminders for 2023

Remember to check the certification dates of your safety equipment before heading out for an EMRA event this season. Snell 2005 helmets no longer be accepted at our events. Snell 2015 Helmets and newer will be accepted for the 2023 season.

Rules, Regulations and Vehicle Classifications:

EMRA Competition Licenses:

EMRA Competition Licenses are required to run at an EMRA Event. Licenses are renewable each calendar year.

  • EMRA licenses can be renewed on the following event registration form
  • EMRA Medical Examination Form (pdf) (Race Only)
  • If you have not held an EMRA License before and have a license from another sanctioning organization, you may apply for a temporary weekend license. Please select this option when registering for your first event. You may also apply for an EMRA competition license by contacting our Race Chairman, Cory Canzone at
  • If you do not hold any type of competition or time trial license, you may register as a Student at any of our Time Trial events. Please select the "First Timer" option when registering for your first event.

For questions regarding EMRA Driver Licenses, please contact

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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HPDE organized by

EMRA - Eastern Motor Racing Assoc.

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