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Windy City BMW at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

Blackhawk Farms Raceway

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Windy City BMW HPDE at Blackhawk Farms Raceway on August 18, 2023


Windy City BMW will be back at the nearby Blackhawk Farms Raceway in August.  Again, you’ll have the opportunity to have your lap timed, Autocross-style.


Click here to watch a video of Blackhawk Farms Raceway 


Each run group will have four 25-minute sessions on track.  If you choose timed laps for your 4th session just indicate that option when registering.  Timed laps will be from a standing start at pit out, one full lap around then exiting at Turn 5. Lap timing will continue until the session is over. Open slots for these runs are limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.


Overall, we’re planning 4 groups, with 2 of them consisting of open track for all four sessions--passing anywhere with a signal.


A third group will include Instructors/Experienced HPDE drivers with three open track sessions - passing anywhere with a signal, then one final session where you will be timed.


The 4th group will be vetted Autocrossers with 3 sessions - passing restricted to the 3 straights - plus one final session where you will be timed. There will be no autocross points nor time factoring based on vehicle classification.  


The Autocross Committee will be vetting and contacting Experienced Windy City autocrossers to see if they would like to participate in this novel event.  All participant cars must meet the HPDE requirements (i.e.. any convertibles must have a fixed rollbar across the full width of the car, hardtop in place, etc.) 

NO in-car or lead/follow instruction (hence this event is not open to novice drivers, Instructors/Experienced HPDE drivers, and vetted Experienced autocrossers only.). 

No spectators or ride alongs at this event.


For drivers not familiar with Blackhawk Farms there will be a low-speed conga line before the event goes hot, we will supply the lead cars, no passing, 50 MPH limit.


The price of this event is $195 for each driver in each group.

Event requirements

Required items to bring with you when signing in at registration

  • Completed Tech Inspection form.
  • Helmet to be checked.
  • Must be 18 years of age at the time of the event. 

Dress Code for Drivers and Instructors

You need to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt while on the track at Blackhawk

Vehicle Technical Inspection


BMW CCA HPDE regulations no longer allow chapters to sponsor pre-technical inspections for track events. The tech sheet is required to be signed by the inspector and the participant and handed in at registration. You can take your car to be inspected at your dealership or your favorite independent shop. As a courtesy, we have arranged for two of the independent shops who in the past, have sponsored our pre-tech inspections to provide that service. You must call for an appointment (no drop-ins!); as with all prior track event pre-techs, the participant accepts all liability. The shops are 7th Gear Auto Repair at 501 Morse Ave in Schaumburg (224-659-3461) and Rauch Autocare at 33B LeBaron Street in Waukegan, IL 60085, (847-235-2204).

Complete the inspection no earlier than 4 weeks prior and not later than 2 weeks prior to the event to allow time for corrections to be performed on your vehicle if required. 


Track Damages
You will be held personally responsible for damages to the track that may occur. For example, if you spill oil on the track, or damage a tire wall or concrete barrier, Blackhawk Farms Raceway will bill Windy City BMW CCA for these damages. We will, in turn, have you reimburse us for this cost. This applies to any charges incurred for the use of tow trucks or ambulance above what we have agreed to in our contract with Blackhawk Farms Raceway for the event.

Helmets must be Snell 2015 or 2020.  SA- and M- ratings are both acceptable.

If buying a new helmet, note the coming end of the use of “M” rated helmets and the shorter limit for the use of a new Snell M2020 helmet.Helmets must be rated to the following Snell or FIA standards.  With the current standard as Snell 2020, helmets meeting the Snell 2015 standard are allowed through the grace period (the eleventh year) until the end of calendar year 2026. SPECIAL NOTE: Snell Motorcycle (M) Helmets. Upon the release of the Snell 2025 standard, “M”-rated (motorcycle) helmets will no longer be allowed. M2020 helmets will only be grandfathered until 12/31/2026.   FIA-Rated Helmets. FIA standards are generally updated every 8 to 10 years. · FIA 8860-2010 helmets are accepted until 12/31/2028 · FIA 8860-2018 and 8860-2018APB helmets currently do not have an expiration date. · FIA 8859-2015 helmets currently do not have an expiration date.

Cabriolets (convertibles)

  • Convertibles must have SCCA-type rollover protection and hardtops.
  • Please email for prior approval.

Race Prepped Cars

  • Working mufflers are required.


  • The Best Western hotel at 5910 Technology Dr. in South Beloit, IL, offers a reduced rate for those attending an event at Blackhawk.  Contact them directly by phone (815-389-4211).  Do NOT use the BW 800 number or any booking site like Expedia, etc.

Recommended Items to bring with you to the track

  • It is “Recommended” to have an additional set of front and rear brake pads.
  • Read or review the "High-Performance Drivers Manual

Click here: High-Performance Drivers Manual

Registration packets for the HPDE Event

Please remember, the Windy City BMW Chapter members who organize and run this event do so as volunteers!

Windy City BMW would like to thank the following sponsors for this event:




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Blackhawk Farms Raceway

South Beloit, IL
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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Windy City BMW at Blackhawk Farms Raceway
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