Fri, Apr 29 - Sun, May 1, 2022

WDCR HPDE/TT # 4 Apr 29-May 1, 2022

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit

About this event

Come join us at our annual 3-day event on Summit Point Circuit, Main!

Join the Washington DC Region SCCA for a High Performance Track Education (HPDE) event, with Time Trials (TT), March 29, 30, & April 1 on the Summit Point Circuit. We encourage all experience levels to join us, from the driver that's never been on a track to Time Trials competitors. For more on our HPDE and TT programs, visit:  WDCR SCCA

The mission of the SCCA is to fuel a safe, fun, and exciting motorsports experience for automotive enthusiasts. For SCCA's full mission statement, visit Mission, Vision & Values - Sports Car Club of America

Entry Fees for this event on the Summit Point Circuit:

One-day HPDE or Time Trial  $325
Two-day HPDE or Time Trial  $425
Three-day HPDE or Time Trial $525

Advanced drivers can enter in both the HPDE and Time Trials (“All You Can Eat”):
One-day Advanced HPDE plus Time Trial  $425
Two-day Advanced HPDE plus Time Trial  $525
Three-day Advanced HDPE plus Time Trial $625

The format for this event:
Friday run groups: Intermediate, Advanced, Time Trials, and Instructor
Saturday & Sunday run groups: Novice (Instructed), Intermediate, Advanced, Time Trials, and Instructor

Schedule, Tech forms, and Supplemental rules for this event are available here: Event Information Directory

We would not be able to hold our events without the outstanding support of our Region Sponsors and we hope you will consider them when the need arises. 





Event requirements

Our rules and processes help make everyone's day fun and safe, please familiarize yourself with them before the event. Some are required before you can participate.

COVID - 19: We will provide changes in COVID-19 policies as needed to keep you informed.

Open cars (convertibles, retractable or removable hardtop) must have a Steel Roll Bar properly installed or non-mechanical “factory rollover protection” (bring factory documentation). The areas of the Roll Bar, or Roll Cage, that could come in contact with the occupants, arms, legs or helmet must be properly padded.  The top of the roll bar must be above the top of the helmet of both driver and instructor. Rollover protection should be such that all vehicle occupants are able to pass the “broomstick” test when properly seated, belted, and helmeted. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.   If in doubt Contact prior to registering.

A Tech Inspection of your car must be completed before attending the event, and a completed Tech Inspection Form must be provided during the sign-in process the day of the event.  The Tech Inspection Form can be found here: Event Information Directory.

The SpeedWaiver (online waiver) will be available at least 2 weeks prior to the event and must be completed by all participants, available here:

Vehicle insurance is not required for this event, but we do recommend it.  Here are links to vendors that have approved our events for their HPDE Insurance coverage.  We do not endorse either vendor. Hagerty HPDE Insurance or Lockton HPDE Insurance

Entries (252)

Nick Jones
Stewart Fox
Patryk Tararuj
Park Wiker
Daniel Stauffer
Adam Lane
Russ Carter
Richard Lanser

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit

Summit Point, WV
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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SCCA - Washington DC Region - HPDE

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