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UtahSBA ART (Advanced Rider Training) | AUG 5th

Utah Motorsports Campus

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UtahSBA Advanced Rider Training (ART) | June 4th - Powered by Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS)



Learn on YOUR bike how to tackle every turn with our team of professionally-trained instructors. This allows you to master your own motorcycle and immediately transfer your new skills to the real world.


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Event requirements


UtahSBA excited to partner with the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) to develop an ART curriculum that’s based on the proven success of the YCRS program. Champ School principal instructor, Nick Ienatsch, will train UtahSBA coaches. In addition to training UtahSBA instructors, Nick is one of the founding members of the Utah Sport Bike Association.

The Advanced Rider Training (ART) course is committed to a quality rider education experience at a reasonable cost. UtahSBA firmly believes that an educated, skilled, and trained rider is a safer rider. The ART program helps accomplish these goals.  

ART teaches a set of skills developed and practiced by the best motorcycle riders in the world, including the fundamental skills of vision, braking, accelerating, and managing changes of direction. The training consists of a mix of classroom instruction and discussion, parking lot drills, and significant track time where riders put their new skills to practice in a controlled environment.

ART classes are designed to be an unintimidating introduction to spirited riding in the safest environment possible, and can be beneficial to riders of all experience levels and disciplines. Classroom and parking lot drills are completed as a class, and once you move to the on-track portion, you will be grouped by skill level with several different instructors so that you can practice what you’ve learned throughout the day at your own pace.

Enrollment is limited to 30 students per event.

During the week before the event, you’ll receive an email with specific instructions regarding where the classroom is for your ART program.  Check-in is promptly at noon with the school starting shortly thereafter.  We break into two basic sessions with several “small groups” in each session to assure that you get the individual attention you want.

Our “Street” session will be biased towards language targeted at street situations where our “Track” session will focus more on improving closed course performance.  While the skills are the same, the way we USE the skills may be different and as such we divide our classes appropriately.

ART Program Required Safety Equipment

DOT and Snell approved full-face motorcycle helmet.

Leather, gauntlet-style, motorcycle specific riding gloves.

Solid leather boots covering the ankle that have little or no heel.

Motorcycle specific leather or Cordura jacket and pants.

Motorcycle specific spine protectors are encouraged.

ART Program Motorcycle Requirements

Good tires with at least 3/32″ tread depth.

Motorcycle must be in good working condition. This means nothing hanging off, general cleanliness, thick brake linings, good chain and sprocket, good fork seals, etc.There is no need to replace your glycol coolant for an ART class, but if your bike has ANY overheating issues, please get them fixed before attending.

Your motorcycle will be subjected to a technical inspection the day of the event.  If you need new equipment, gear, or service on your bike, check out one of our sponsors!

For questions about the school please reach out to our Director of Schools, Alex Zinaich at <>

For questions about registration please reach out to our Director of Membership, Donald Rothfuss at <>



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