Sun, Sep 17, 2023

URSCCA 2023 Autocross School

Legacy Events Center

About this event

Participation will be limited to 24  registrants (two drivers may co-drive one car).  If the event is full, you will be placed on a wait list.

Drivers are encouraged to participate on all season tires (just to save race tires - LOTS of runs...) Students must bring a notebook.

Each student will be assigned to an instructor (3-4 students per instructor per run group).  Students will have a different instructor in the afternoon.

Tentatively committed instructors:

  • Cameron DeGraff
  • George Curtis
  • Skyler Sisson
  • Stephen Curt

Course design will be short, approximately 30 seconds per run.  Course will contain many of the elements commonly found in a typical autocross course:

  • Slalom
  • Fast Sweeper
  • Decreasing Radius Turn
  • Pin turn around
  • Chicago Box
  • >120 degree turn

The morning will start at 8:30, when drivers will be assigned to an instructor.  Instructors will then conduct a course walk with their instruction groups.  The instructor will then split his instruction group into two run groups; the first group to drive first, and the second group to begin working the course, and driving second.  

Drivers will be asked to run the course while the instructor observes.  Drivers will record their best time as a bench-mark for the day’s progress.

Instructors will teach by a combination of riding with, observing, reviewing data (if available) and driving the car of each student.  The first instruction period will last for 1.0 - 1.5 hours, where-upon the students will switch with the workers, and the workers will receive their first instruction.

A lunch break of approximately 3/4 hour will begin shortly after noon, and instruction will resume at 1:00.  Pizza will be served, and it will be a working lunch.

Students will have a different instructor for the afternoon group.  The afternoon instruction session will mirror the morning session with the exception that  each student will finish the session with two solo timed runs which they will be able to compare to their beginning runs to measure their own improvement.  The afternoon session will conclude with the instructor giving each student a short list of things to pay attention to for continued improvement/good habit formation.

Everyone will be asked to help with setup and clean-up. We can access the lot at 7:00 and must be cleaned up and off of the lot promptly at 4:00 pm.  Everyone will be asked to help with setup and clean-up.

(NOTE: This will be an “Evo Style” school. Participants are encouraged to listen to this podcast: “Autocross Talk by Kinch Reindl” as he interviews Evo School owner Mike Junior Johnson.  Google it.)





Event requirements

A Valid driver's license is required to participate.  Learners' permits are allowed following Utah State Laws.

SCCA Membership is required.  You may purchase a yearly membership through the SCCA or click 'CONTINUE' to purchase a weekend membership.

Helmets are required. If you don't have a helmet meeting one of the following standards, loaner helmets are available:
Helmet Requirments

No passengers or spectators can be accomodated at this event.

Your car must pass a basic safety/tech SELF-inspection.  You will be required to print and fill out the self-tech form and bring it with you to grid where it will be gathered and your car will be marked as teched for that event. 

Utah Region Tech Sheet.pdf

Still, have questions?  Read the FAQs and then contact the helpful people on our Facebook page.  We're more than happy to help!

Otherwise, click Continue to Register.


Legacy Events Center

Farmington, UT
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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