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TXR SCCA Solo E5 - You Cones Like Mexico?

Eagles Canyon Raceway

About this event

We're VERY excited to offer a very unique road-course autocross event at Eagles Canyon Raceway!  This will be on July 14th at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur.

Running on the road course brings with it some special requirements - you must have autocrossed at least 3 times in the past few years with publicly accessible results to be eligible for this event. Any club that follows SCCA-style run-work events qualify.  We will be checking local results when you sign up, and will contact you if we can't verify that you meet the prerequisite. This is a safety issue for us - not so much for the drivers, but for the workers.  ECR is a large venue with workers spread out over long stretches and cars traveling at higher than normal autocross speeds. It's important that the worker pool be experienced for this event.


ECR has also informed us that due to safety concerns electric vehicles will NOT be allowed to participate.


Below are some important notes about this event

  • Registration: This event is pre-registration ONLY.  On-Site registration will not be available.
  • Paddock: If you are towing your car to the event, please park in the lower paddock area at the bottom of the hill.
  • Loaner Helmets: Loaner helmets will be available.  Helmets will be checked during tech.  Legal helmet certifications are Snell M and SA 2010 or newer, among others.  Details on allowed helmet certifications can be found on the SCCA website here: (2023 SCCA Allowed Helmet Certifications)
  • Waivers: Everyone must sign the SCCA waiver and wear the provided wristbands.

Everyone on site at our events must sign the SCCA insurance waiver and wear the provided wristband. Minor waivers are available for anyone under 18 accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. SCCA members, including minors, have the option to complete a digital annual waiver ahead of time instead of signing the paper waiver on site. The process is quick, simple, and free: Digital Annual Waiver Instructions

Note: Your profile picture, not the photo submitted with the annual waiver, will be shown on your membership card. A profile picture that is wider than it is tall may be shown sideways on your membership card, so cropping it before uploading is suggested.

Event requirements

Please be sure to bring your drivers license and SCCA membership card to the event. If you are not a member, register using the Non-Member button and you will be assigned a weekend membership for the event.  The fee you pay as a non-member can be applied toward annual membership dues - you can apply up to 2 weekend membership fees toward your annual membership.

Click here to download the current National Solo Rules & Supplemental Classes

Click here to download the current Texas Region Solo Supplementary Rules

Approximate Event Schedule:

7:30am - 8:30am.... Registration & Tech Inspection Open

8:00am (approx)..... Course open for walking

8:30am (approx)..... Novice Walk Thru

9:00am (approx)..... Mandatory Drivers Meeting

9:30am (approx)..... 1st heat Drivers in Grid, 1st heat Workers on course, First Car Out!


If this will be your first event with Texas Region SCCA, please be at the site by 7:30am!  This gives you time to get your car through Tech Inspection & have plenty of time to walk the course.


Everyone on site MUST sign the insurance waiver & wear a wristband.  Minor waivers will be available for anyone under 18 accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Click here for a very helpful guide to autocrossing

Entries (147)

Silvio Zucchet
Matthew Pittman
Michael Passaniti
Rebecca Roberts
John Hunter
Tom D'Arcy
Jordan Culbertson
Aaron Dowdell

Eagles Canyon Raceway

Decatur, TX
Download track map
Download track map


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SCCA - Texas Region - Solo

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