Tue, Jul 14, 2020

Tremblant Lapping Day

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant

About this event

1Morelap Lapping day at Le Circuit Mont Tremblant 

Presented by Slick Automotive Solutions

Intermediate and advanced drivers. Not sure if you qualify, contact Greg with your track history. 

1Morelap regular but first time here ?  Intermediate group please. 

1Morelap rules still apply.  No Racing, No Timing, No Trophies, check your ego's at the LCMT gate. 

Two run groups. Limited space per group, register early. 

7 sessions per run group = 3.5 hours of track time. 

Early bird rate $349 expires June 14th

Regular rate $399 expires July 5th

Late fee $449  

HST is always extra. 

Event requirements

Pit crew is permitted. Covid 19 protocols in place. Wash your hands. 

Canteen and washrooms are open. Wash your hands. 

Intermediate group, first session will be full course yellow. 

Advanced group, first 10min will be full course yellow

Point by passing.  Make your point by signal clear to the car, or each car and each Flagger.

If the Flagger see's a pass with no point by, they will black flag you.

When giving the point by, stay on line, ease off the throttle to let the pass happen, be predictable. If you are racing to the next corner you will be removed from the event. 

 Black flags for a wheel off, poor driving, bad passing, aggressive driving etc will be issued. 

Two black flags and your car is parked for the day. 

Drivers meeting will be delivered electronically. 

Gate opens 7 AM , no revving of engines before 9 AM 

Access to drop trailer off the night before is available until 7 PM - no revving of engines permitted after 5 PM 

92 DB at 15 meters ( 49.2 feet ) is the rule.  That is the same as Calabogie. If you are on the edge, consider turning that down. 

Air temperature, humidity, sunny day vs cloud cover all influence sounds waves and can affect your reading. Get it checked at Calabogie if you are not sure. 

Wash your hands. 

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant, Québec
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