Sat, Apr 8, 2023

Track Club USA Autox #1 - Cold Tire 500

Devens Airfield

About this event

Welcome to the first Track Club USA Autocross of 2023!  If you haven't ever been to one of our events, you will not be disappointed! TCUSA events feature lots of seat time by limiting participation to approximately 60 cars. Typically you will have 10+ runs.

Membership is not required but club members are entitled to a discount.

If you are currently not a member of SCMC or TCUSA and plan on joining to get your club discount on this event: Please join first, wait for your membership number or confirmation discount code, and then register for event.

SCMC Membership (Mustang Cobra, Boss 302, and Shelby GT 350/500 Owners only) -

TCUSA Membership - (All makes and models)

Event requirements


  1. WE RUN RAIN OR SHINE. Do not sign up for this event if you are unwilling to participate during inclement weather from 7AM to 5PM.
  2. DO NOT BRING A LOUD CAR TO DEVENS. We have strict sound limits and if your car exceeds them you will not be able to drive. Your car's exhaust must not exceed 90dB measured from a distance of 75ft.

There is a registration fee of $55 for non-members/$50 for members.  All makes and models save SUV's and trucks (other than Lightning pickups) are welcome. SCMC or TCUSA members receive discounts on this event. If you haven't signed up for membership yet, follow this link to the membership page:

SCMC Membership (Mustang Cobra and Shelby GT 500 Owners only) -

TCUSA Membership - (All makes and models)

Things you need to know before you sign up to run with us;

1. You need a valid drivers license and the car you plan to use needs to have a current registration with valid sticker.  No dedicated race cars please. You must have current automobile insurance on your vehicle. Your car must be street legal and have a full exhaust. Devens has strict sound limits. Your car can not exceed 10db over ambient at the property border. We will monitor every car at two locations during the event. If your car exceeds the limit you will be notified and have an opportunity to correct it. If you can not you will not be allowed to run. Please do not bring a loud car to Devens. 

2. You will need a Snell M or SA 2015 or newer rated helmet. FIA homologated helmets are OK.

3. The event runs from 7am to 6pm and we run rain or shine.  Come prepared. It is important that you are able to stay the entire day!  When you are driving, someone else is working the course picking up the cones that are struck.  We need you to work the course while other people are driving.  If you can't stay the entire day please wait for an event that you can stay all day before signing up. If you leave early without notifying the event chair you will not be allowed into future events.

4. Your car is required to pass tech inspection before participating at the event. A vehicle that will pass a state safety inspection will usually have no problem. Do not bring a vehicle with known mechanical problems, leaking fluids or is otherwise unsafe. 

5. You will need to select the appropriate class for your car when you sign up. If you are unsure what class you belong in please contact us.  Here are the classes that we use at our events. (We will combine cars with other classes if a class has fewer than 3 cars)

N - Novice - Novices driving on any tire type. You are a novice for your first five autocross events or until signed off by an instructor. Experience with other clubs is accepted.

INT – Intermediate Street Tire – For intermediate level drivers on tires with a tread wear rating of 140 or higher.

ES – Experienced Street Tire – For experienced level drivers on tires with a tread wear rating of 140 or higher.

ER – Experienced Race Tire – All cars on tires with a tread wear rating less than 140.

FWD  – All front wheel drive vehicles on tires with a tread wear rating of 140 or higher.

PONY – Pony Car Street Tire – Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers etc. on tires with a tread wear of 140 or higher.

CST – Corvette Street Tire – Corvettes on tires with a tread wear of 140 or higher.

MZST – Mazda Street Tire Class – Mazda vehicles on tires with a tread wear of 140 or higher.

FFR – Factory Five or any Cobra replicas.

6. Top finishers in each class receive the 2023 TCUSA Autocross t-shirt.

7. Members will be allowed to register a permanent car number. They are issued first come first serve. If you do not indicate one a random number will assigned. It is the driver's responsibility to mark their car with the number. If you plan to run with us on a regular basis, and your permanent number is approved, please buy permanent number signs for your car.  It will save you money and frustration in the long run. The number needs to be visible from both sides of the car and a course worker should be able to read it from a few hundred feet away.  Colored tape will work but please bring it with you.

Devens Airfield

Ayer, MA


Autocross/Solo organized by

Track Club USA

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