Fri, Jul 12, 2024

Cincinnati Region Time Trial/WOR Games TT

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

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Welcome to the Cincinnati region Time Trial and WOR Games TT

Sanction # 24-TTTA-63381


We are proud to host our region's 5th Time Trial and welcome the Western Ohio Region's WOR games Time Trial!  The 2.258 mile Pro Course will be used in the morning and the 2.40 mile Club Course configuration will be used in the afternoon. No competition license is required for this event - just a state issued driver's license.

The exact schedule will be set as we draw closer to the event and can determine the best use of available track time to give everyone the best experience possible.

This event will be two in one! The Cincinnati region will be running a TT featuring all nationally recognized classes alongside the WOR games sub group. We will also have a Novice/Intermediate run group with point bys for those who are less experienced with TTs and are not yet comfortable with open passing. Please note, novice participation is pending an instructor's approval. 


Stick around for the weekend and volunteer as an official race worker and earn a $25 rebate for each day worked on your Track Event entry fee. Go to the Volunteer Worker registration page to sign up.

Cost for the Friday event is $250. You must be an SCCA member, but if you are not currently a member we will provide you with a weekend membership for $20. 




Track Event Coach Eligibility: One must hold a current recognized competition license (SCCA, NASA, IMSA, FIA, PCA, BMWCCA, etc.) or have equivalent racing, time trial, or track day experience, which is deemed satisfactory by the Track Event Lead Coach. If you have any questions about being a coach please contact Bill Niemeyer at 513-678-6728 or via e-mail at 


Show your support for ALS by stopping by the area around garage 20 for a split-the-pot drawing in honor of the late Judy Cowie, long time Cincinnati Region member and Corner Worker.


Documents and links
2024 Time Trial Supplemental Regulations

2024 Time Trial Entry Form

2024 Time Trial Tech Form

2024 Worker Rebate Request

2024 Refund Request Form

Link to the Track Event (non competitive sessions) Track Event


SCCA Time Trial Rules and other Information (Applies to this event)


Following is the link to the Mid-Ohio e-waiver that should be processed on your smart phone. This will take the place of signing the paper waiver at the guard gate. You must still stop at the registration building for your SCCA credentials.

M-O Waiver

* Saturday 1 hour Bracket race requirements - While you may enter this race without a competition license, vehicle must meet minimum SCCA safety requirements per the GCR and full personal safety gear (driver suit, neck restraint system, etc). Go HERE to the race registration page for this event and for additional information.


Event requirements

Vehicle Eligibility:  Open to all vehicles conforming to the following:

1. Street legal cars with current and valid registration

2. Vehicles prepared to the Solo Rules classes of Street, Street Prepared, Street Touring, Street Modified, Prepared

3. Vehicles prepared to SCCA GCR classes of Spec Miata, Touring 4, Improved Touring, BSpec, Production, or Super Touring  Lite.

4. Vehicles eligible for SCCA National Time Trial competition.

Required Driver Safety Equipment:  Drivers will be required to have the following safety equipment to present for Tech inspection. Helmet meeting 2024 SCCA National Rules (see Event Supps for details) or higher, suitable eye protection, long sleeve shirt, long pants and shoes that fully cover the foot to at least the ankle. Driving gloves are not required but are recommended. For Drivers using race prepared vehicles it is recommended that they be fully covered by at least one layer of an accepted fire resistant material. 

A limited number of helmets will be available for loan for your session.

Track Event Mandatory Drivers and Driver Coach Meeting:  

1. A mandatory Driver Coach Meeting will be held in front of Garage 12 at  7:30 am on Friday, July 12th

2. A mandatory Driver and Driver Coach meeting will be held in front of Garage 12 at 7:45 am on Friday, July 12th

3. It is required that all Novice Track Event participants, and recommended for participants who have never driven at Mid-Ohio, to complete one classroom session. All classroom sessions will be held in the Cooper Tire garages (located behind concession stand in the lower paddock) 

Classroom Sessions: 

1. Thursday, July 11th, 8:00 PM

2. Friday, July 12th immediately following the 7:45 AM mandatory meeting. 

Registration Hours:            Tech Hours:

Thursday:   6 PM - 9 PM         6:30 PM- 9 PM -  in garages 7 & 8

Friday:       7 AM - 1 PM         7 AM- 11 AM -  in garages 7 & 8

Track Event Schedule - Friday July 12th, 2024

Driver Coach Meeting:  7:30 am

Driver/Driver Coach Meeting: 7:45 am

Novice Classroom Session #2:   Immediately following Driver/ Driver Coach meeting in the Cooper Tire Garage

On-Track sessions will be from 8 am - 4:45 pm with a one hour lunch break. During the lunch break there will be an opportunity to drive the track in street vehicles for pace laps. Price is $20 per car and will benefit ALS in honor of the late Judy Cowie, long-time Cincinnati Region flagger.

A schedule will be available at registration, but listen to the PA for announcements.

Entries (12)

TC Kline
Will Kenoyer
Mitchell Kenoyer
Michael Bard
Nathan Roberts
Joel Spitsnaugle
Jayson Breier
Austin Hampton

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Lexington, OH
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SCCA - Cincinnati Region

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Cincinnati Region Time Trial/WOR Games TT

Fri, Jul 12, 2024