Fri, Oct 7 - Sun, Oct 9, 2022

Thunder on the Cimarron XXI

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

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You must be a member of CVAR, other VMC member organization or a SCCA member, have a current competition license (except novices entering school) and have a permanently assigned CVAR number or prior approval of number to participate. If you have a question concerning a number or registration, please email Linda at and she will help. If your number does not appear when registering, please choose the highest number available in your group and complete your registration. Then send Merl an e-mail and he will adjust as needed. If you have a question concerning fees, refund policies, eligibility, rules, etc., please visit our website at 

Entries (109)

Ted Smith
James Sharp
Joseph Westervelt
John Ridings
Mark Gohlke
Leo Ahearn
John "Chip" Fudge
Reed Evans

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Jennings, OK
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