Thu, Jul 22, 2021

TCOFF TestNTune Day (Car and Bike)

Grattan Raceway

About this event

This is private shop testing day from TCOFF CLUBSPORT
We are sharing this track with drivers and riders who are looking for some low-traffic track time.

For testing purposes and in order to keep good track conditions, we only open 10 spots to the public and you will need minimum track experience to attend our testing day.

(Sorry, no first-timers and novice drivers, and there will be no instructor on that date, if you looking for HPDE, please check our future track day event.)

There will be a total of 15 cars and bike ( plus our testing cars) are separated and share the track, which means you pretty much will see nobody on track.

In most cases, it will be a whole day open session. You can do as many laps as you want.

In the worst case, we will run by 20min session group, and you will have least 7 sessions.

Anyway, It will be a lot of seat time and track time.

* Cars and bikes will run separately.



Event requirements

Since this is a private testing day, minimum track experience is required.

  1. at least done 5 track days,
  2. know the track rules,
  3. know all flags and meanings,
  4. know how to pass and be passed on the track.
  5. know how to adjust your pace.

It is your own responsibility to make sure your car running correctly and safely. absolutely no leaks and electrical issues.

there will be no mandatory inspections session prior to hot track because you should know all the stuff and how to prep your car for track driving.

if you fail to doing so or making tracking bad, you will be kicked out of the track and also charged for cleaning and damage bills from the racetrack facility.

So please double-check your car/bike condition before arriving at the track.

Grattan Raceway

Belding, MI
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Download track map


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