Sun, Sep 5, 2021

Gathering of the Marques - Sunday in the Park

Lime Rock Park

About this event

Gathering of the Marques is incredibly diverse; literally hundreds of cars lining the track, grouped by make, model or country of origin. You'll see huge displays of Shelbys and BMWs and Corvettes and Jaguars and MGs... Astons, Rolls-Royces and Lotuses... Porsches, Peugeots and Panteras... Volvos and Saabs, Minis, Mercurys, Mercedes and Mopars, Fiats and Lambos. If it's an interesting and fun car, you can be sure their owners find their way to Lime Rock Park to park next to their brethren. In other words, if someone loves their car, you can be sure it'll be here.

Gathering of the Marques groupings are:

♦ Electric Cars ♦ Silver Birch Car Club ♦ Miata ♦ Japanese Marques
♦ Atlantic Region Rolls Royce Owners Club & Bentley ♦ Fiat  ♦ Volkswagen ♦ Morgan
♦ Mercedes-Benz ♦ Lotus ♦ Audi ♦ French Marques
♦ Concours d'Caffeine ♦ Ford & Related Brands ♦ Volvo & Saab ♦ MINI
♦ Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving & Chowder Society ♦ Chrysler & Related Brands ♦ Viper ♦ British Marques
♦ Italian Marques ♦ BMW ♦ General Motors & Related Brands ♦ Porsche
♦ Ferrari ♦ BMW 2002 ♦ AMC ♦ Citroen


Event requirements

We are asking all who want to be part of the Gathering of the Marques to pre-register so that we can accurately assign places for each group.  We want to ensure that each grouping of vehicles has sufficient space for all entrants.

The only thing you need to do after registering is to order an entry ticket for Sunday.  Active Military and Veterans admitted without charge. You may either order just  Sunday entry tickets or a full weekend tickets and enjoy the historic racing.

Click or touch here to order Historic Festival entry tickets. 

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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Lime Rock Park Historic Festival - Sunday in the Park

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