Sun, Jun 11, 2023

Sun. June 11, 2023 Track Day Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek Raceway

About this event

The Track Junkies group is Alberta’s premium recreational lapping day experience, with a safe and welcoming environment for people with high-value street and track cars to come out and play.  This special event is run differently from our typical Track Junkies offering, so please read the following FORMAT description carefully to consider if you are qualified for this event. This event is co-hosted with our sponsor XS Company Inc. Please aquaint yourselves with all that their shop can offer you.

FORMAT: This will be a two run grroup event with a" Less faster group", and a "More faster group". This event is not for novices and will not have any instruction provided.

INSTRUCTION will not be available on this day. This event is for signed off solo drivers.

SCHEDULE: This is a DAYTIME event.

  • Gates to the paddock open at 10:30:AM
  • Driver Meeting at 11:45 AM
  • MANDATORY Parade Laps from Noon to 12:15
  • Alternating run groups: "M" 12:15-12:40
  •                                        "L" 12:45-13:10
  •                                        "M" 13:15-13:40
  •                                        "L" 13:45-14:10
  •                                        "M" 14:15-15:40
  •                                        "L"  15-45-16-10  
  •                      Open Pit Lane 16:10-17:00

RATES for this event:

  • Fee per driver:  $300+GST
  • No Time Attack Competition at this event.
  • NO lunch or hydration refreshments will be provided to you. Please bring your own liquids to stay hydrated and pack your own food. Bring a lawn chair to sit in your paddock stall.

SOUND LIMITS!  Strawberry Creek is very sensitive about high noise limits and their effects on the neighbours. If you think your car is too loud, please contact us at 780 931 4349 to discuss. Got a rotary without full mufflers? Do not come to this event.  Same with a straight pipe'd Miata or formula car... do not come. Got a McLaren, Porsche, Corvette, Camaro with a titanium aftermarket exhaust that sounds much louder than stock? Yah, it may be too loud for Strawberry Creek. Stock Corvettes, Camaros, or Miatas with just  a resonator pipe will be ok., Call us to discuss.






Event requirements




- Trucks, SUV's, SAV's and other high center of gravity vehicles are NOT permitted. 

- Convertibles, cabriolets, and open-top cars must have structural rollover protection ... if you do not know what this means, please contact us BEFORE registering. A partial list of convertibles with acceptable factory-provided roll bar protection can be found on our website at If your convertible is not on the list, feel free to email at to confirm if your car qualifies to run in our events.

- "Inspected in advance" means downloading the Track Junkies self-tech inspection form found at prior to the event and verifying the condition of each item on the form. Vehicles must be inspected separately for each event --- photocopies of previous inspections are not acceptable. The term "self-tech" means you may perform the inspection yourself if you have the required knowledge and tools. If you do not have the technical knowledge or tools required, or are not willing to take the time to properly inspect each item, please have the vehicle inspected by a licensed Automotive Service Technician with knowledge of the rigors expected in road course driving.

- BRAKE FLUID must be less than six months old on event date.

ONCE YOUR TECH INSPECTION FORM IS FILLED OUT, SCAN OR TAKE A PHOTO OF IT AND EMAIL IT TO BEFORE 18:00 HOURS THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EVENT. In the event you forget to email it, you will be required to email it first before entering the race facility on the morning of the event. Do it before, please, to avoid delays entering the race facility.

HELMET:  Snell-approved M-2010 (motorcycle) or SA-2010 (motorsport) or newer helmets are required for all participants. ALL Snell-approved helmets bear a Snell rating sticker, typically found by lifting up the helmet liner (you should not need to remove any glued portions of the liner to view the sticker).  Open-face helmets are preferred in vehicles with air bags; closed-face helmets are preferred in vehicles without air bags. We have a limited number of open-face Snell-SA rental helmets available for Novice drivers.

- EVENT WILL GO RAIN OR SHINE … please be prepared.  No refunds for inclement weather.

Strawberry Creek Raceway

Thorsby, AB
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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