Sat, Sep 14, 2024

The StratoCup

Stratotech Park

About this event

The StratoCup - The main event of the year! An all out competition that combines the StratoCross & StratoAttack competitions into the ultimate end of season test! Drivers compete for the chance to win a Cash prize and to take home a StratoCup Trophy or one of the Challenge Trophies. 

In the morning the track is setup for StratoCross (Autocross) and in the afternoon the course changes to StratoAttack (Track Sprint). Competitors will get practice runs followed by 5 competition runs at each course layout. Drivers fastest time from each session are combined to determine winners.

Don't miss out on this 100% Edmonton home grown time trials competition! All skill levels are welcome to compete in this fun street car friendly competition. 

Fun runs at the end & Food Truck onsite for this event!

More info at

  • $150 per driver
  • This event is limited to the first 60 to register
  • Morning session will have challenging pylon marked Autocross elements setup throughout the course.
  • Afternoon session will be the same course but without the Autocross elements 

AutoX Course :


Track Sprint Course: 




Schedule (Tenetive)
  • 8:00am Gates Open  

  • 10:00am - 10:45am Low Speed Practice Runs (40km/h max)

  • 10:45 Drivers Meeting

  • 11:00pm 1:00pm AutoX Runs

  • 1:00 - 1:30 Lunch Break

  • 1:30-3:30pm Track Sprint Runs

  • 3:45pm Awards

  • 4pm - 5pm Fun Runs

Practice Runs
  • 40 km/h max speed
  • Learn the course & pick your lines
  • Must remain a minimum 10 car lengths distance from the car in front of you
  • No passing 
  • May take as many as you want during the allotted time
  • Speeding or dangerous driving will get you disqualified 
Competition Runs
  • 2 run groups
  • One group Drives, One group Marshals
  • Drivers will be given 5 competition runs at each course 
  • Cars will be launched every ~25 seconds 
  • No passing
  • Each standing pylon hit = 2 second penalty
  • Wrong direction/missed gate = Timed Run DQ'd
  • Drop 2 or more tires off the pavement = Timed Run DQ'd
  • Airplane loop (doing a 360 to get to a missed gate) = Timed Run DQ'd
  • Only your single best run from each course will be used for the final result standings
  • You catch up to a car and it slows you down (No passing allowed) 
  • Timing Issues
  • Course/Cone Issues
  • If a pylon is out of place you can either slow down and honk your horn and get a rerun or use it to your advantage
  • Class Standings
  • Overall Standings 
  • Live results are viewable at (Tap on the red Live Results button) 
  • Final results to be posted up on website shortly after event finish.

Fastest Overall Time of the Competition 

  • Gold StratoCup + Cash Prize (TBA) 

Fastest time in the AWD / FWD / RWD Classes

  • Silver StratoCup + Cash Prize (TBA)
  • 2nd & 3rd place get a Trophy 

Challenge Trophies:

  • Fastest 60+ year old Driver *RWD,FWD & AWD cars only
  • Fastest Sports Coupe (Front engine 2.5L and under 2 Door Car)
  • Fastest Muscle Car (Front Engine V8)
  • Fastest Driver on 280TW+ Tires
  • Fastest Driver on All Season Tires

Event requirements

To Compete You Will Need
  • A drivers license
  • A mechanically sound car
  • To register 
  • To fill out the online self tech form & Waiver (Click Here)
  • A Snell certified M/SA/K 2010 or newer helmet or ECE 22.05 
Vehicle Requirements 
  • Suv’s, trucks, vans and other high center of gravity vehicles are prohibited for safety reasons. Vehicles track width must be greater than it's height. (Street trucks are allowed)
  • Have a structure and bodywork that surrounds and protects the driver at least to their waist level when seated in their normal driving position. 
  • Performance brake pads & brake fluid is highly recommended
  • Exhaust noise level less than 94dbA from 100 feet away
  • No fluid leaks that will drop oil or antifreeze on the track
  • All loose items must be removed from the vehicle.
  • 3 point seat belt at minimum (Exception for Karts)
  • Kart Requirements Click Here
  • Only 1 allowed
  • Must be wearing same safety gear as driver
  • Must sign the event waiver
  • Must be of 16 years of age or older

Stratotech Park

Sturgeon County, AB


Autocross/Solo organized by

Dan's Motorsports Timing

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The StratoCup

Sat, Sep 14, 2024