Sun, Jun 2, 2024

STC Region Time Trial Experience - Time Trial

Pitt International Race Complex

About this event

This Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) event is held under the appropriate 2024 SCCA Time Trials Rules (Rules) in effect at the time of the event. All participants are expected to read and be familiar with the Rules. The current Rules are available via the SCCA Website at The SCCA strives to ensure all participants at its events and activities enjoy a safe and welcoming environment. Event Organizers: This event is hosted by Steel Cities Region, SCCA. If you have questions that are not answered in the Rules or these Supplemental Regulations, we’re here to help!

• Event Lead: Dan Dennehy-Rodriguez Contact Info:

Time Attack Specifics:

• Event Description: This event will include Time Attack track sessions all day using the PittRace

South Track with access through the South Track Paddock area. There will be two run groups.

  • Advanced- Open passing on the straights, and passing with a point by in the corners.
  • Intermediate + Novice- Passing on the straights only, always with a point by.

• On-site Check-In is open Sunday from 7:00 am to 8:00 am.

• A draft version of the session schedule is available. A final schedule will be provided at check-in.

• We expect at least four on-track sessions. The schedule is subject to change during the event, so please listen for PA announcements.

Schedule - TBD

Please read the full Supps here which include parking map! 

Event requirements

Activities and Inspections:

• Self Tech form submissions take place Sunday at Check-In.

Registration: Registration requirements are as follows:

• Entry Fees: $250.00, Non-members must purchase an SCCA Weekend membership for $25.00.

*Discounts will be made available to anyone completing the Time Trial Experience prior to the competition day ($125 off of event entry)

• Drivers may register for this event online at On-line Registration

closes the night of the event.                                                                       

• If more than 66 drivers register, we will offer a wait-list. If space becomes available, wait-listed

drivers will be contacted at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event.

• Refunds & Withdrawals: Refunds are available prior to on-track participation. Once a car has

turned a wheel on-track, no refunds will be given

• Transponders are required for this event. If you don’t have a Tranx260 compatible transponder,

you may rent one when registering through for $35 for the event.

• Scoring will be determined by each driver’s best-timed lap from each timed Time Attack session.

Any driver not completing a timed lap during a timed session will be credited with a 3:00 (three

minute) lap for that session.

• All cars must display a car number and class on both sides of the car. Numbers should be 8 inches

high in a color that contrasts with the car’s paint. Class markings should be a minimum of 4 inches

high. Masking tape numbers are acceptable as long as they are readable.

Car Classes and other important information:

Car Classes: The following car classes will be available for this event:

• All car classes listed in the National Time Trial Car Class Rules (the “Rules”) are allowed.

• All cars must meet the SCCA National Time Trials Vehicle Eligibility requirements to participate in

this event.

• Vehicles that are listed as “not eligible” per the SCCA Time Trials Vehicle Eligibility including open wheel

vehicles will NOT be allowed.

. • If you need clarification about your vehicle’s eligibility, review the SCCA Time Trials Vehicle

Eligibility requirements or contact the Event Lead.


Credentials for Steel Cities Region Cumberland Majors – Time Trial Event

All officials, workers, drivers, crew, entrants, and guests must sign the official SCCA waiver or show their annual waiver hard card to receive event credentials. Drivers and entrants are responsible for their crew and guests.

  • Everyone entering a hot area must be an SCCA member and must wear the valid hot credential issued for this event.


Entries (5)

Rick Terrill
Robert Korn
Jeff Schoeppner
Jeff Kubiak
Tyler Miller

Pitt International Race Complex

Wampum, PA
Download track map
Download track map


Time Trial organized by

SCCA - Steel Cities Region

STC Region Time Trial Experience - Time Trial

Sun, Jun 2, 2024