Sun, Aug 28, 2022

STC Solo #9 End of Summer Showcase Day 2

Pitt International Race Complex

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Solo (Autocross) is the most accessible motorsport around!  All you need is a driver's license, a car, and $50.  Push you and your car to the limit with no more risk than you having driving on a public road!

Registration Closes at 8pm the day before the event. Don't forget to sign the e-waiver in advance to get onsiteDon't forget to do your Virtual Drivers Meeting before the event! 

On-Line Registration Fee:
SCCA Member - $35       
Non-SCCA Member - $50

Timetable of Events:
7:30am - Site Opens
8:30am - 9:30am - Tech is Open (Registration Check-in done via Tech)
8:30am - 9:40am - Course is open for walking
9:10am - Novice Walk at Starting Line
9:20am - Intermediate Walk at Starting Line
9:30am - Driver's Meeting
9:45am - Heat 1 Cars to Grid
10:00am - 3:30pm - Competition Runs


  • Paddock is located in the space across from the new Administration building (unless listed otherwise). Please DO NOT PARK near the karting building as this space is reserved for karting customers.

When You Arrive:

  • Tech - After car preparation (no loose objects, numbers on car, helmet in car), please drive through the "tech" line which is located near the grid or trailer. A tech worker will assist in having your car and helmet inspected. If you have a co-driver, have them come along with you with their helmet. If you do not have a helmet, Pitt Race has rentals for $10 at the Pro Shop onsite
  • Waivers/Check-In - There are also workers in the "tech line" that will check you in and have you sign a waiver. You will not need to come to the trailer to check-in, this is done as part of tech.
  • Course Walks - There will be an announcement in the morning once the course is open for walking. There are also guided intermediate (9:10am) and novice (9:20am) walks in the morning as well. If you are a novice, you MUST attend the novice walk as they will go over some key items such as course and safety etiquette. 
  • Driver's Meeting - There will be a brief driver's meeting around 9:30 to 9:40 to cover important updates (including any changes to logistics, such as work assignments), and safety items.

Event Logistics:

  • Run and Work Assignments - Steel Cities events operate in an AM/PM format and typically have 3 heats in both AM and PM.
    • This means that you will drive, work, and rest in the AM and drive, work, and rest in the PM. The rotation of this will be dependent on each specific heat. Everyone who runs also works to keep costs down.
    • Run/Work order is posted online at overnight before the event.
    • Steel Cities does 3 runs per heat in the morning (4 if you're a novice), and 3-4 runs per heat in the afternoon (weather and time permitting) for a total of 6-7 (or 7-8 if novice) runs
  • Grid Assignments
    • There are assigned grid spaces which you can also find on; the grid cones (green) are numbered
    • Once you have completed each run, please return to your grid spot
  • After Driving
    • Once you are done running, please park your car in paddock and report to your work assignment, which is also posted on; if you have questions, ask and someone will help you
    • There is not a break between the AM/PM session; after the 3rd heat is completed, 1st heat drivers will report to grid
  • Living Timing and Radio
    • There will be announcements throughout the day regarding heat changes and post-event activities via the PA and FM Radio 88.7
    • Live timing results are also available at

Refund Policy:

  • Cancellations prior to the close of registration will be issued a full refund.  If you need to cancel your registration after the 8pm deadline, you must contact the registrar before the event begins to be issued a credit for a future event this season.

Course Map (subject to change):


Event requirements

Don't forget to do your Virtual Drivers Meeting before the event! Go to to read and allow our events to continue running safely and smoothly. Don't forget to sign the e-waiver in advance to get onsite.

Entries (109)

Dave Tressler
Christopher Trader
Shelly Monfort
Sam Strano
chuck destro
Dan Kistler
Marc Kistler
Mark Sanner

Pitt International Race Complex

Wampum, PA
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Download track map


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SCCA - Steel Cities Region - Solo

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