Fri, Mar 24 - Sun, Mar 26, 2023

Spring Thing 2023

General Morgan Inn

About this event

Welcome to Spring Thing 2023 Registration!

We're excited for our 48th Spring Thing East Tennessee tradition. Again, we will be at the beautiful General Morgan Inn,  in Greeneville TN.  We look forward to having you join us.

We have a lot planned for the weekend of March 24th - March 26th.   

      Friday - Welcome Reception with hors d'oeuvres  and cash bar

      Saturday - Concours D'Elegance/Drive Tour or Gimmick Rally/Awards Banquet

      Sunday - Autocross at Greeneville Airpoort

The following pages will lead you through our new online registration process.  But if you have any problems or questions, please contact Suzan Bowman at 865-705-9451 or Mike Parker at 865-919-1534.

After you finish the registration, you will be reminded to also contact the General Morgan Inn and book your room for $145.00 per night plus taxes and fees. Once we sell all of the rooms at the General Morgan Inn we also have rooms available at the nearby and totally renovated Hampton Inn.  It is the same price as the General Morgan Inn, but it has free breakfast.  Mention Smoky Mountain Porsche Club. This Inn is 4.3 miles away from the General Morgan Inn.  It will take 7 minutes to arrive there. It is between the Fatz Cafe and Express Wine and Spirits and near the local sensation Pal's Drive-in Restaurant- best burger in town. 

Reminder: you may only register one car per single-registration and one car per two-person registration.  For example, you cannot register for the Concours to show your 356 and then register for autocross and drive your 911.  

Whichever car you choose to register will go through a technical inspection for road worthiness for the Drive/Rally and Autocross. If you want to bring two different cars for the events, you can do so, but you have to pay the extra registration fee.  A non-registered car (i.e., tow vehicle) may be driven in the driving tour and gimmick rally with permission of the Rally Master and as long as it passes the technical inspection.

See you in March!

Smoky Mountain Region

Event requirements

Concours D'Elegance - Saturday morning 

To participate in the Concours D'Elegance, you must read the following and select your Group: Street, Touring One, or Touring Two.  Then you must select the Class within that group. You will be asked to indicate this on the registration for the event.



A Concours is a competitive car show to award recognition to the owners of automobiles that are best prepared and presented. There are many Classes, but we break them down into three main groups: “Street”, “Touring One”, and “Touring Two”.

“Street”: This involves the judging of the car's interior and exterior only (no engine, trunk, or undercarriage). Originality is not a consideration, only cleanliness. "Street" is the class for those interested in showing their cars with some preparation, but not HOURS of meticulous cleaning.  Street cars are classified in Preparation Group I and Group II.

“Preparation Group I Touring Group One”: This judging category takes into consideration the interior, exterior, engine, and storage compartments. The judges look for cleanliness, quality of preparation, lack of damage, and presentation.

“Preparation Group Touring II Group Two”: This judging category takes into consideration the interior, exterior, and storage compartments, and applies to newer Porsches where the engine is not readily accessible and not judged.   Note #1: All Preparation Group II classes will not have their engines judged.

Note #2: Categories will be available for all classes in either “T” - TOURING or “S” -

STREET. Replace the “x” in the class designation below with the appropriate category that you will be competing in with your automobile (examples: PP10T (Modified in touring) or PP05S (993 in street).

SMT Concours d'Elegance Classification Charts Preparation“Street”

Preparation Group I Classes





914/4 & 914/6


911/912 (1965-1973)


911/912 (1974-1998; 964/993)


911 (1999-2012; 996/997)


924, 944, 968, 928 (1977-1995)


Cayenne, Panamera (2003-2011)


Limited Production




Factory Race

Preparation Group II Classes



911 (2012-on)


Boxster, Cayman (1997-2012)


Boxster, Cayman (2013-on)


Cayenne, Panamera and Macan (2012-on)




Drive Tour/Gimmick Rally

This year you have the option during registration to choose if you would like to participate in a guided tour or a gimmick rally!  


This also appears later in the registration process.

      Class Groupings for various sized AutoX events:
Car Years Car Type Car Model Small Sized AutoX
      5 Stock 5 Prod
1948‐1965   356 S01 P01
1965‐1969   912 S01 P01
1970‐1975   914/4 S01 P01
1976   912E S01 P01
1976‐1982   924 S01 P01
1978‐1995   928 S01 P01
1979‐1982   924 Turbo S01 P01
1983‐1989   944 S01 P01
1986‐1988   924S S01 P01
1986‐1989   944 Turbo S01 P01
1987‐1989   944S S01 P01
1989‐1991   944S2 S01 P01
1992‐1995   968 S01 P01
1997‐2004 986 Boxster S01 P01
1970‐1972   914/6 S01 P01
1965‐1969   911 S01 P01
1970‐1971   911 S01 P01
1972‐1973   911 S01 P01
1974‐1977   911 S01 P01
1978‐1983   911SC S02 P02
1984‐1989   911 Carrera 3.2 S02 P02
1989   911 Speedster S02 P02
1989‐1994 964 911 Carrera S02 P02
1992‐1993 964 911 America Roadster S02 P02
1993‐1994 964 911 RS America S02 P02
1994 964 911 Speedster S02 P02
1995‐1998 993 911 Carrera S02 P02
2000‐2004 986 Boxster S S02 P02
2005‐2012 987 Boxster S02 P02
2006‐2012 987 Cayman S02 P02
1999‐2001 996 911 Carrera S03 P03
2005‐2012 997 911 Carrera S03 P03
1976‐1989 930 911 Turbo S03 P03
1990‐1994 965 911 Turbo S03 P03
1994 965 911 Turbo 3.6 S03 P03
2005‐2012 987 Boxster S S03 P03
2006‐2012 987 Cayman S S03 P03
2002‐2005 996 911 Carrera S S03 P03
2005‐2008 997 911 Carrera S S03 P03
2009‐2012 997 911 Carrera S S03 P03
2013‐2016 981 Boxster S03 P03
2013‐2016 981 Cayman S03 P03
1995‐1997 993 911 Turbo S03 P03
1997 993 911 Turbo S S03 P03
2001‐2005 996 911 Turbo S03 P03
2002‐2004 996 911 Turbo X50 S03 P03
2005 996 911 Turbo S S03 P03
2007‐2013 997 911 Turbo S03 P03
2010‐2013 997 911 Turbo S S03 P03
2005‐2008 997 911 Carrera S X51 S04 P04
2010‐2012 997 911 GTS S04 P04
2011‐2012 997 911 Speedster S04 P04
2012‐On 991 911 Carrera S04 P04
2010‐2012 987 Boxster Spyder S04 P04
2011‐2012 987 Cayman R S04 P04
2013‐2016 981 Boxster S S04 P04
2013‐2016 981 Cayman S S04 P04
2014‐2016 981 Boxster GTS S04 P04
2014‐2016 981 Cayman GTS S04 P04
2017‐On 718 Boxster S04 P04
2017‐On 718 Cayman S04 P04
2020 718 Boxster T S04 P04
2020 718 Cayman T S04 P04
2012‐On 991 911 Carrera S S04 P04
2015‐On 991 911 Carrera GTS S04 P04
2018‐On 991 911 Carrera T S04 P04
2020‐On 992 911 Carrera S04 P04
2020‐On 992 911 Carrera S S04 P04
2016 981 Boxster Spyder S04 P04
2017‐2019 718 Boxster GTS S04 P04
2017‐2019 718 Cayman GTS S04 P04
2017‐On 718 Boxster S S04 P04
2017‐On 718 Cayman S S04 P04
2014‐2019 991 911 Turbo S05 P05
2014‐2019 991 911 Turbo S S05 P05
2021‐On 992 911 Turbo S05 P05
2021‐On 992 911 Turbo S S05 P05
2004‐2005 996 911 GT3 S05 P05
2006‐2011 997 911 GT3 S05 P05
2006‐2011 997 911 GT3RS S05 P05
2008‐2012 997 911 GT2/GT2RS S05 P05
2015‐2016 981 Cayman GT4 S05 P05
2020‐On 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 S05 P05
2020‐On 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 S05 P05
2021‐On 718 Boxster Spyder S05 P05
2016 991 911 R S05 P05
2002‐2005 996 911 GT2 S05 P05
2014‐On 991 911 GT3 S05 P05
2016‐2019 991 911 GT3RS S05 P05
2018‐2019 991 911 GT2RS S05 P05
2020‐On 718 Cayman GT4 S05 P05
2003‐2010   Cayenne S S01 P01
2003‐On   Cayenne S01 P01
2013‐2018   Cayenne Diesel S01 P01
2011‐On   Panamera S01 P01
2003‐On   Cayenne Turbo S02 P02
2008‐On   Cayenne GTS S02 P02
2009   Cayenne Transsyberia S02 P02
2011‐On   Cayenne Hybrid S02 P02
2011‐On   Cayenne S S02 P02
2014‐On   Macan S02 P02
2014‐On   Macan Turbo S02 P02
2011‐On   Panamera S S02 P02
2011‐On   Panamera Turbo S02 P02
2012‐On   Panamera Hybrid S02 P02
2013‐On   Panamera GTS S02 P02
2004‐2005   Carrera GT S05 P05
2014‐2015   918 S05 P05
2020‐On   Taycan S05 P05
All   <2500 Non‐Turbo I01 M01
All   2500‐3200 Non‐Turbo I01 M01
All   3200‐3400 Non‐Turbo I01 M01
All   3400‐3600 Non‐Turbo I01 M01
All   >3600, Turbo 6 Cylinder I01 M01

General Morgan Inn

Greeneville, TN


Combined organized by

PCA - Smoky Mountain

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