Sat, Apr 20, 2024

Spring Classic

Baldwin WI

About this event

Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Spring Classic RoadRally presented by Land of Lakes region of SCCA. If you like the rally and want to be part of the Rally community we encourage you to Join SCCA.

The  is sanctioned as a an Divisional Tour.

Schedule April 20, 2024

Start: Baldwin Travel Plaza - Baldwin, WI

End: Durand, WI

Sign In: 10-11AM

Start Time: 11:15

The rally is divided into sections, each roughly 40 miles long.

Each section begins with a Time Control (TC). Leave each TC in at the top of a minutes in the order of arrival. Do not leave early or you will get terrible score on every timing point in the section.

There will be roughly 10 timing points in each section. Each timing point will be identified in the roadbook. Simply go by the TP at the time specified.

There is a short break between each section. These are in Elmwood, UFO capital of WI and Durand.

Following the Course 

A Roadbook will be provided in pdf and digital form (RBK file). The link for the rbk is

Download this file to your iOS or android device.

The roadbook will use the well known Tulip form of instructions.

Text enclosed in parentheses, such as ( at CR 118 ), is intended to be helpful.

The correct course at each intersection is determined by applying the following priority list. 

1. Proceed as directed by the Tulip. 

2. Follow a road by its’ designation when you have been placed onto a road by name, number or letter.

Proceed ahead on the road you are on, usually the road without a stop or yield sign. 


Roads marked "DEAD END" or "NO OUTLET" or obvious driveways, field roads, etc do not exist but sometimes we will give you an instruction there anyway just to help you. They may also be shown as part of a Tulip.

No Nos

Contestants are absolutely forbidden from taking any substance such as alcohol, THC, etc. before or during the rally. Penalty is immediate disqualification.

Any contestant ticketed for a moving traffic violation will be disqualified.

GPS based timing

You will be given two GPS boxes. They should be mounted on the passenger side front window using the proved velcro. 

You may also want to run MiRally Crono as it will provide additional info like where you were timed as well as Official Rally time. Crono is also built-in to Rabbit Rally 2. 

Those running their own systems may want to download MiRally Crono from your app source. If you have it already, remove it and download the latest version. 

It’s not a requirement but it will show a green checkered flag so you know when you have reached the checkpoint for the current Control Zone. It does not give you a time or score.

Event requirements

You are responsible for insuring the following are in order:
Headlights (high and low beams) and parking lights
Taillights and brake lights
Horn, windshield wipers and directional signals
Rear-view mirror
Foot brakes and parking brake
Tires (inspect for condition of sidewalls as well as tread)
Seat belts, securely installed for the driver and navigator
Safety triangle (optional)
First Aid Kit (optional)
Tow Rope (optional)
Fire Extinguisher (optional)



Entries (12)

Owen Yeager
Tyler Linner
Ken Robinette
Teah Rurup
Dave Fuss
Brian Chabot
Ted Rurup
Fred Rosevear

Baldwin WI

Baldwin, WI


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Land O' Lakes Region - Road Rally

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