Sat, Apr 23 - Sun, Apr 24, 2022

Spring Around the Roval

Rockingham Speedway

About this event

*Update as of 4-12-2022, Spring Around the Roval is now a 2 day event.  2 days for the price of one!*

Come join M4theM as we start our HPDE portion of our 2022 season

HPDE is NOT a race.  It is an educational driver's event held on a high-speed racecourse, not a parking lot.

Spring Around the Roval will be held on the full roval with 2 hours of scheduled track time each day.  The only modification to the original roval will be an additional chicane at the beginning of the front stretch to make the track more suitable for showroom/daily driven cars by slightly lowering the top speeds into turns 1 and 2 and the backstretch braking zones.  The infield road course section will be run as originally designed with a minor slow down element as we head into the infield.

This is not a cone and paint, parking lot course.  This is a full-length, purpose-built, high-speed racecourse.  Around the oval portion, there are walls, some concrete, some SAFER barrier.  Speeds will easily exceed 100MPH on the straights for all but the lowest HP cars.

We will have 5 classes spread over 4 run groups:

Instructed Novices will run with their instructor in the intermediate group their instructor deems most appropriate to their car and skill.

Intermediate Stock/Low HP.  Less experienced drivers in lower HP cars or drivers wishing to run at a slower pace. Checked off to Solo by M4theM or other recognized DE organization.
Intermediate Prepped/High HP.  Less experienced drivers that are driving higher HP or race-prepped cars.  Checked off to Solo by M4theM or other recognized DE organization.
Veteran Stock/Low HP.  Lower HP or stock vehicles whose driver has substantial track experience. Must be approved by M4theM or have proof of experience from other recognized DE organizations.
Veteran Prepped/High HP. Well experienced drivers that are driving higher HP or race-prepped cars. Must be approved by M4theM or have proof of experience from other recognized DE organizations.

NASCAR garages will be available for rent with 24 hour occupancy starting Saturday, April 23, 6 pm until Sunday April 24, 6 pm.

The event registration cost is $300 per person.

Garage stalls are $50  first-come, first-serve, 34 total available.

We must have 24 participants signed up by Friday, April 15 th to guarantee the event will happen.  

Event requirements

Drivers with no prior HPDE or solo approved track or M4theM SCDE experience must sign up for Instructed Beginner.  Instructed beginners will receive classroom instruction and have an instructor in the car or lead/follow until you are deemed by the instructor as ready to solo.  Your instructor will recommend the proper intermediate group for you to complete the day if you graduate to solo before the event is complete.

Other classes have explanations of what class/group you should choose.  Please choose the appropriate group.  There is no ego or pecking order to an M4theM event.  We strive to keep cars classed by lap time or closure rate.  We want to avoid a 700hp Corvette closing on a 120 hp Miata on the straights scenario so please sign up wisely as the descriptions suggest.  We will move drivers around at the event to assure maximum compatibility and safety.

M4theM HPDE rules will govern the event. (found here, section 4.)  HPDE rules are the same as SCDE with the following exceptions.

Helmets MUST be Snell SA or SM rated and 2010 or newer.  DOT only helmets are not allowed.

Drivers under 18 must be under the tutelage of an instructor.

All convertibles manufactured prior to 2006 must have a properly engineered and functioning roll bar.

Race-prepped cars must be built to the safety specs of, and, present in accordance with the safety specs of the class in which they race. (Spec Miata, Spec 86 etc.)  Drivers of race-prepped cars must wear and use the safety equipment required in their racing class. 

Any exocet/home-built cars must present with proper driver safety and sign a supplemental waiver.  Eligibility must also be approved in advance as SCDE rules state.

All drivers must bring a completed 2022 tech sheet to the event for your car type..

2022 Tech sheet Street Legal

2022 Tech Race Prep Only

Entries (53)

Jason Crosswhite
Henry Smith
Roman Hatala
Thomas Ayre
Austin Smithers
Justin Fricke
Robert Foreman
John Wood

Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham, NC


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Motorsport 4the Masses

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