Sat, May 6 - Sun, May 7, 2023

Spring #2 Autocross

Expo Idaho West Lot

About this event

Join us for our second spring autocross event for 2023 from Silver Sage Region, Porsche Club of America sponsored by Porsche Boise. This is our second of three Autocross events for the year. You can register for either day or both. We also provide delivered lunches that you can pre-order at registration time. We've had to increase fees this year by $5 a day to $40 for one day or $70 for both. Still a bargain!

Expect to arrive by 7:30 AM with first car out at 9 AM and the event to wrap up on each day around 4:00 PM. There will be a lunch break.

You can read all about Autocross and our Driver's Education (DE) activities by visiting the region website here.

Event requirements

This event is open to all vehicles. You do not have to be a member of PCA to participate. Cars must be street legal to participate.

For Porsche vehicles: We are continuing to use a car classification method adapted from Zone 7. Rules for Autocross are posted here. The rules are updated for 2023. A classification spreadsheet is available here (save the file and open in Excel) for you to get a headstart on completing the process. You should re-classify your car this year using the new spreadsheet. We still have a "FUN" classification. It's really a simple process to classify your car and we encourage all to do so. We also now have an "As delivered" version of the spreadsheet here. It's a good starting point if your car is mostly stock. Use the "Have questions" link on the left side of the menu or the Contact button at the bottom if you have questions on how to complete that process. We give a few prizes out each day and accumulate PAX points for the season for end of year awards.

For all other cars: Class your car as FUN. We will collect and post times but no PAX times will be calculated. Also, no end of day or end of year awards are available for cars classed as FUN.

Need a helmet?

We may be able to provide loaner helmets for this event. If you would like to drive and need to borrow a helmet, please email Bob Kunz and let me know. Don't register until I respond with a helmet status for you.


You must have an approved helmet to participate. Approvals are the current Snell SA, K, or M approval 2020 or the previous two, 2015, 2010. Other certifications are also allowed such as FIA, SAI, etc. Note that DOT approvals are not allowed (i.e. motorcycle DOT helmets).

Tech inspection will be a self-executed check of the vehicle using this form. Make sure you bring the completed form to the event. Spot checks of items, particularly your helmet will be performed.

PCA rules prohibit passengers other than an instructor in the car.

This event has the standard PCA liability insurance and you will be signing the standard PCA waiver at the event.

You will have a work assignment during the day when you are not driving. Work assignments include corner marshals, starter, timing, and paddock/crowd control. So plan on being there the whole day.


Expo Idaho West Lot

Garden City, ID


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Silver Sage

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