Sun, Nov 19, 2023

Spokes Track Sprint @ Harris Hill Raceway

Harris Hill Road

About this event

For the first time ever, Spokes is hosting a track sprint event at Harris Hill Raceway!

Please read all of the info about the event and the registration requirements.

  • Event info
    • What is a track sprint? This event is NOT an autocross. It is also NOT a track day. A track sprint involves running a portion of the track. We will set a designated standing start and finish, and run our cars between those points (no continuous hot laps). There will be no cones other than the ones used to mark the start and the finish.
    • For this track sprint, we will be running in the counter clockwise direction (CCW) at Harris Hill, with the start just before T11, and the finish along the downhill run from T4 to T3.
    • The expected speeds are going to be significantly higher than what we see at autocross events. At autocrosses, the speeds on the straights are 60-65mph, and the corners tend to be 25-35mph. At the track sprint, depending on the power level of your car, the speeds on the straights may be 90-100mph, and the corners are 40-60mph.
    • Entry fees for this event are as follows
      • Spokes members: $80
      • Non members: $90
  • Event schedule
    • 6:45am: Gate opens
    • 7:00am to 7:25am: Check-in and tech inspection
    • 7:30am: Drivers meeting
    • 8:00am: First car on course
    • 12:15pm: Running ends
    • 1:00pm: Packed up and everyone off site
  • Working
    • Because we will not have cones on course, we will only need a few worker positions in each heat: Starter, grid workers, computer, radio in the trailer, a couple of other radio workers. We will have more detail about this in the coming weeks.
  • Running
    • We will be running 3 heats of ~75 minutes each (8:00 to 9:15, 9:30 to 10:45, 11:00 to 12:15), with 33-35 drivers in each heat.
    • The number of runs will be determined by how the event is going, but the aim is to get 4 runs each.
    • Going off the track will result in penalties.
      • 2 wheels off is a DNF.
      • If you go all 4 wheels off, you will lose one of your subsequent runs. If you go all 4 wheels off a second time, you are done for the event.
    • Spins and flags
      • If you spin out, get yourself straightened out and get moving as quickly  as possible. We will be sending cars every 25-30 seconds.
      • If you see a car spun out or off track ahead of you, slow down. You will get a re-run.
      • The flagging stations will have flaggers/workers in them. Pay attentions to the flaggers.

Event requirements

  • Vehicle requirements
    • Your car MUST comply with Harris Hill’s sound level policies. Harris Hill has a strict sound limit of 85 db at their property line, and 95 db trackside.
    • Your car must pass the “normal” Spokes tech inspection, as well as have brake fluid, brake pads, and brake rotors that are in good condition.
  • Registration
    • Entry cap: This event will be capped at 100 drivers.
    • Eligibility requirement: You MUST have run at least 3 events with Spokes prior to registering for the track sprint.
    • IMPORTANT: When you register, your registration will be placed on hold until reviewed by the BOD. We will be reviewing registrations to ensure compliance with policies and tiers (more info on that below). You will NOT be considered registered (and your credit card will not be charged) until your registration is confirmed.
    • Registration tiers:
      • Tier 1: The first group eligible to register will be Spokes members who purchased the autocross annual pre-pay (registration for the track sprint is separate), and Spokes members who have attended at least 6 Spokes autocrosses since Sept 2022. Registration for this tier will open on Sunday Oct 8th at 3pm.
      • Tier 2: The second group eligible to register will be all other Spokes members who have attended at least 3 Spokes events prior to registration for the track sprint. Registration for this tier will ALSO open on Sunday Oct 8th at 3pm, but all registrations will remain on “hold” until Saturday Oct 14th, at which point we will confirm registrations in the order received.
      • Tier 3: The third group will be non-members who have attended at least 3 Spokes events prior to registration for the track sprint. Registration for this tier will open on Sunday Oct 15th at 3pm.
    • Waitlist policy: With a 100 driver limit, we expect this event to sell out quickly. We will maintain a waitlist as usual.
    • Cancelation policy: Due to the high demand for this event, we will have a stricter cancelation policy. If you cancel by Sunday Nov 12th you will get a full refund. Any cancelations after that will receive NO refund.

Harris Hill Road

San Marcos, TX
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Download track map


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Texas Spokes Sports Car Club

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