Mon, May 8, 2023

Speedy Goat @ Area 27

Area 27 Motorsports Park

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Doing Sportscar things with Sportscar friends

Join us on Monday May 8th, 2022 for a Track Day at AREA 27 with Timing Transponders (Lap Timing)

Gates open at 8:00am with on-track activities from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Area 27 is a world class circuit that offers 16 turns on 4.83 km of paved glory and is located only 5 minutes east of Oliver, BC.

This event is open to a variety of experienced drivers, however prior Area 27 track experience is required before attending this event. . If this is your first event at Area 27, please sign up on the First Timer group. 

If you do not have any prior track experience (Area 27 or other) you may still sign up, but you will need to attend at least one track day at Mission Raceway or VIMC prior to this event. Please see for additional event dates.


Timing Transponders:

We are offering up to 40 drivers a chance to have an official transponder in their car while on track. While this event will NOT be a competitive Time Trials event we have an opportunity to operate similarly to our typical Time Trials events. We will grid cars from fastest to slowest using a traditional 20 minute session. This format will increase the chances of a uninterrupted lap. Based on your lap times, Speedy Goat will adjust the run groups throughout the day to better match run groups.

*Earlybird (Available for the first 40 drivers or February 28th, whichever comes first)

  • 499 (cash or E-transfer)
  • 535 (MSR)

*Regular Entry 

  • 575 (cash or E-transfer)
  • 610 (MSR)

*First Timers will be charged an additional $40 to cover the required cost of coaches.
Cancelations: No Refunds

Additional Notes:
1) Prior track/ lapping experience is required before participating in an Area 27 event.
2) Area 27 has a strict 3 event limit for non-members. You will not be permitted to drive If you have attended more than 3 events at Area 27 this year. No refunds will be given.
3) A valid drivers license is required.
4) All registrations must be accompanied by electronic payment. 
5) Your entry fee does not include lunch. 
6) Registrants will be responsible for their own track clean-ups, vehicle tow fees, track or transponder damage, or any associated fees billed to SGMC.
7) Feel free to ask any questions you may have by emailing the event registrar.
8) DO NOT SPEED ON ANYWHERE NEAR OLIVER, BC OR AREA 27. Locals actively update Area 27 with "traffic reports". Any unsafe driving or speeding will result in an immediate removal from the event without refund.

Event requirements

The event will be limited to a maximum of 60 paid participants plus organizing volunteers.


There will be 3 run groups with a maximum of 20 participants in each heat. To group drivers into similar run groups we ask you to enter your predicted comfortable lapping pace (time) as well as your preferred run group.

First Time Driver
You have never attended a track event at Area 27 before.
You must sign up for an additional local track day at Mission Raceway or VIMC prior to attending this event. Visit for additional event dates.

You have participated in one ore more lapping events at Area 27 (mild car & relaxed driver OR mild car & relaxed driver)

You are comfortable at Area 27 (Mild car with a fast driver OR mild car with a mild driver).

You are comfortable at Area 27 (Fast car with fast driver OR mild car with a fast driver).

Tentative Schedule
8:00 am* - Gates open
8:30 am - Mandatory drivers meeting
9:00 am - Group A group (max 20 cars)
9:20 am - Group B group (max 20 cars)
9:40 am - Group C first timers (max 20 cars)
Three sessions before lunch
12:00 pm - Lunch
Three additional session after lunch
4:00 pm - On track activities cease
5:00 pm - Premises must be vacated
*The schedule is tentative and subject to change

Vehicle Requirements
If your vehicle has been well maintained and your brakes have been recently serviced, you are likely eligible to participate.
Technical inspection is mandatory for all cars with special attention given to brakes, suspension, throttle linkages, and loose articles in the car. The responsibility is on the participant to ensure that the car's and driver’s equipment complies with all rules and regulations. The very act of presenting a car for any technical inspection is deemed to be an acceptance of this responsibility. Please contact the registrar with any questions. Registrants will be responsible for their own track clean-ups, vehicle tow fees, track or transponder damage, or any associated fees billed to SGMC.

Convertibles: Convertibles must meet SCCA Time Trials Safety and must be actively insured for road use.

Tech inspection includes, but is not limited to:
-Brake pads (min. 50% all around), fluid has been recently flushed and pedal is firm
-Brake rotors are not cracked
-Steering components are tight
-No loose suspension components (Ball-joints, bushings)
-No leaking fluids
-Battery is secure
-Throttle is not sticking
-No loose items in car
-Proper tires and tread depth for the weather
-Wheel nuts/ bolts are torqued
-No cracks in windscreen greater than 4"
-No loose body panels
-Seat belts are working perfectly; aftermarket harness is FIA or SFI approved and not expired
-Hood is secure
-Helmet meets minimum rating requirement
-Closed toe footwear

Sound Limit
Track noise limit is 103db measured 50 feet from the racing line. Vehicles that exceed the sound limit will not be permitted to run.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell SA 2015 or Snell M helmet (Snell M rated helmets require a balaclava) when on track and any designated hot areas. Any car with a roll bar/ cage must use a Snell SA helmet (Snell M not allowed).

Area 27 Motorsports Park

Oliver, BC
Download track map
Download track map


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Speedy Goat

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