Sat, Apr 27 - Sun, Apr 28, 2024

Snow Please Melt! Points#2 and Advanced School

Alaska Raceway Park

About this event

The Arctic Alaska Region, of the Sports Car Club of America, will be sanctioning Points Event #2 on April 27, 2024 followed by an Advanced Drivers School on  April 28, 2024.  Saturday will be our timed driving competition through a course laid out with pylons (traffic cones) giving each entrant as many runs each day that we can fit in, for their best scored time! On Sunday we will hold our 1st ever Advanced Driver School, this school will be for the more seasoned compeditors, slots will be limited and priority will be give to those that Qualified for the 2023 Season Championship and competed on Saturday's Autocross. Come join your fellow Alaskan driving enthusiasts for a year of fun with cars! 


Saturday's Autocross Schedule:

7:00AM - Setup start  

7:00-8:00 AM  - Onsite check in 

8:00 AM — Tech Inspection Opens

8:30 AM - Course Open to Walk

10:00 AM - Driver's meeting - MANDATORY

10:30 AM - Expected First Car On Course


Sunday's School Schedule:

7:00AM Gates Open

7:30AM Technical Inspection and Check-in Open

8:15AM Driver's Meeting

8:30AM Start of Morning Session

12:00PM Lunch (provided)

1:00PM Start of Afternoon Session

5:00PM Wrap Up Meeting

6:00PM Heading home

On Sunday all competitors will need to come by the Registration Table upon arrival. On Saturday, all students will need to come by the Registration Table upon arrival.

You will then prepare your car for tech inspection (self tech with guidance).  

Please arrive early to allow time to settle your gear, prepare your car, and get through Tech Inspection. Remember, all loose items will need to be out of your car and your battery will need to be solidly secured—no bungee cords!

Our Driver's Meeting will include a brief talk by the Safety Steward and the Solo Team will cover the responsibilities each of you will have while working corners during your "work group"! This event is a go—rain or shine—and as you'll be working opposite your "run group" please bring hats, layers for body warmth, sunblock, and foot wear for the elements.

Water will be provided by the Region.  We recomend you bring snacks and a lunch on Saturday.  LUNCH IS NOT PROVIDED ON Saturday, and their are limited options for food near venue.  

For beginner autocrossers please follow these links for more information:

Please remember to bring your valid Driver's License!

Event requirements


The Advanced Drivers School is only open to SCCA Members in good standing, and priority will be given to members that qualified for the 2023 Season Championship. We will be providing beef hotdogs for lunch. 

The entry fee for SCCA Members into only Saturday Points Event #2 is $50 or into only Sunday's Points Event are $50 or into both Saturday's Drivers School and Sundays Points Event are $90. The SCCA offers a Weekend Membership for those new to the sport for $20, in addition to the entry fees mentioned above.  This Weekend Membership makes you an SCCA Weekend Member and will give you a $20 discount towards a full SCCA membership, a copy of SportsCar (our national magazine), and is valid for all SCCA-sanctioned events held during that weekend. Additionally, you can join to become a full SCCA Member for $90, in addition to the standard entry fee. 




Drivers License: Competitors must present a valid driver’s license and sign the Event Waiver.

Minor Annual Waivers: If under 18-years-of-age, competitors will need a Minor Annual Waiver which must be completed prior to the event. If both parents have joint custody then both parents must create an SCCA account (do not need to join SCCA, only create an account). If legal sole custodian then only that custodian needs to create an SCCA account along with the minor.

The Annual Waiver Minor License will be issued to the Minor by the SCCA National Office.



1. Login with your SCCA Member # at
    a. AGAIN, Nonmembers can create a guest account to get a unique SCCA Member #
2. Go to Online Store - Licenses & Waivers
3. Add proper license to cart 
    a. Be prepared to upload a photo of yourself
    b. Parents must have the Minor’s name, date of birth & SCCA Member #
c. Minors must have names and SCCA Member #s for parents/legal guardians
4. Follow the prompts at the top right of the screen
a. Legal Sole Custodians must indicate sole custody with checkbox
5. Complete checkout

If you have questions about the Minor Annual Waiver email:

Helmets: Competitors must have helmets on during competition. All helmets meeting the latest or two immediately preceding Snell Foundation standards (SA2020, SA2015, SA2010, SAH2010, M2020, M2015, M2010, K2020 K2010,) SFI standards 31.1, 41.1,31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, 41.2A or British spec BS6658-85 type A/FR are acceptable.

The Region utilizes the 2023 SCCA National Solo Rules classifications.

This Regional event will have five Classes: Teen for those 19yrs and under, Novice for those new to the sport, Ladies for our Female competitors we offer this National Class for those who don't wish to run one of the other classes, Open  is our intermediate class for those Region competitors looking for fun with some competition, and Expert which is the "Deep End Of The Pool," with very stiff competition. 

All of these classes are explained in the 2023 Autocross Supplemental Rules and can be found on the Region Website at .

Each student will be required self tech (supervised) their vehicle immediately following Registration. Vehicles shall have mufflers, working seatbelts, and NO leaking fluids, in addition to the other items on the Tech Sheet.

Region will be enforcing a sound limit rule to ensure that we are able to continue to enjoy our sport.  The details are outlined in Appendix I of the 2023 National Rules.  Basically, sound level readings may be taken at a location on the edge of the courses and competitors who exceed the maximum sound level will be given the opportunity to make repairs to meet the acceptable sound level.  If on subsequent runs the competitor does not meet the acceptable level, they will not be allowed to continue to compete.  

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK
Download track map
Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Arctic Alaska Region

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Snow Please Melt! Points#2 and Advanced School

Sat, Apr 27 - Sun, Apr 28, 2024