Sun, Jul 28, 2024

SKR Club Race #6 Track #2

Martensville Speedway

About this event


Come join us at Martensville Speedway!

First Entry $85 (one day)                      

Additional Family members $65 (one day)                         

Family Max $150 (one day)                          

Extra class (per person, max family doesn't apply)  $65 (one day)                                           

Event requirements


This is an sanctioned event. All regulations and rules apply. Karts, engines and helmets must meet all technical requirements.


Pit spots are first-come-first-serve.

All tow vehicles will be expected to unhitch and park on the west side of the sea-cans.

Visitor racers, please check with club executive prior to selecting pit stall.

Over size/ Extra long units will be expected to park on the far north compound or pit area adjacent to clubhouse. Motor homes and camper units must part in grassed area on south end of property. 

Martensville Speedway

Martensville, SK


Karting organized by

Saskatoon Kart Racers

SKR Club Race #6 Track #2

Sun, Jul 28, 2024