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SFMC Time Attack #2 - VIMC

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

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The SFMC and VMSC are hosting the 2nd round of CACC Time Attack series event at the Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit, Duncan BC on Canada Day Jul 1st  from 9am to 5pm.

Besides competing for the SFMC Time Attack Championships, this is also counted as a CACC Regional Series Event; which means your results from our events along with the VCMC and VMSC events can all be counted towards your CACC Championship points.

Our Time Attack events is to be run in the Non-Passing format.  Drivers with different experience levels are all welcomed to join.

Drivers are grouped by their lap times and vehicle class to ensure that they are evenly matched in pace during their runs.

Time Attack is a bridge between lapping and door to door racing; it helps drivers to perfect their driving techniques and your biggest opponent is yourself.

There will also be a lapping-only run group available for entries wanting untimed sessions. These will follow a 20 minute open lapping format and use CACC Lapping regulations to allow convertibles. There is no CACC License required for this group, and is open to all drivers including novices wishing to get out on track. Instructors for novices will be available by request, and no transponders will be issued to this run group. 

Entry Fee is $375 (not including transponder rental)

The club has a fleet of rental transponder available and they are based on first come first serve basis at $35/event; the VIMC also has their fleet of rental transponders as a back up.

A 2024 CACC Time Attack license is required prior to participation if you maybe joining the "Timed" group.  Please apply for your CACC Time Attack license prior to attending the event.

The CACC Time Attack Discipline Travel Assistant Policy is published on the link below for your reference:

The CACC electronic waiver must be signed 5 days prior to the event:

Please contact us at shall you have any questions about the event and classing.

Looking forward to see you at the track soon.

Event requirements

Event Requirements

Deadline for registrations: Jun 29th 2024 at 11:59pm

The Time Attack event will be limited to a maximum of 40 paid participants plus organizing volunteers in order to make sure that everyone will receive a good amount of track time.

Tentative Schedule
8:30 AM - Gates Open, Registration, Tech, and Track Walk 
9:30 AM - Mandatory drivers meeting
10:00 AM - First run group on track
5:00 PM - Checkered Flag for last run group of the day
6:00 PM - premises must be vacated
*The schedule is tentative and subject to change during the event.

The event will include 1 warmup session, 1 qualifying session, and 3+ timed sessions (time permitting)

Warm up runs: ~15 minutes (Organizer will try their best to group similar paced drivers and cars to run in the same group; timing is tracked by organizer but not published)

Qualifying runs: ~15 minutes
Drivers will qualify during the second heat of the event, vehicle run heats will be determined from these times and grouped into timed run heats.

Timed runs: Out-lap, 3 timed laps, cool-down lap
Run heats will be staggered based on each cars fastest time of the day. If you surpass another vehicles lap time, you will run ahead of them in your heat. Organizers will actively update and stager drivers based on their perspective lap times.

Novice Driver / Non-timed
A novice driver is one who has not competed in at least three Time Attack No passing, six documented Lapping events or an approved driving school.
New drivers and novices must attend the novice meeting in the paddock area after the general Drivers Meeting. The session covers the rules of the event, safety concerns, passing rules and mental preparation for track driving. Novices are not allowed to carry passengers except for an instructor in practice sessions. 

Under no circumstances are passengers allowed in Hill Climb or Time Attack events, during competition runs.

Novices will be driving in a lead follow manner with a qualified instructor.

Senior Driver
A Novice Time Attack license-holder may apply for an upgrade to a Senior license after competing in the required CACC sanctioned Time Attack events or CACC accredited school.

Vehicle Requirements
Technical inspection shall be mandatory for all cars with special attention given to brakes, suspension, throttle linkages, and loose articles in the car. The responsibility to ensure that the cars and driver’s equipment complies with all regulations and is safe rests solely on the entrant and driver. The very act of presenting a car for any Technical Inspection is deemed to be an acceptance of this responsibility.
Convertibles: All soft top or hard top convertible vehicles are ineligible to participate unless they are equipped with adequate roll protection as specified in the CACC Time Attack Rules and pass the "broomstick test".  Factory roll hoops do not count as pre-approved roll protection.

A complete technical inspection breakdown can be found on page 19 of the CACC Time Attack Rules.
Tech check includes, but is not limited to:
-Brakes (min. 50% all around), pedal firm and not soft
-Steering components tight
-Suspension components nothing loose (Ball-joint, bushings)
-No leaking fluids
-Battery secure
-Throttle not sticking
-Remove all loose items in car
-Proper tires and tread depth
-Wheel nut/bolt torqued
-No major cracks in windscreen
-No loose body panels
-Seat belts working in factory condition; aftermarket harness FIA or SFI approved and not expired
-Coolant level adequate
-Door can be opened from both inside/outside
-Windshield wiper operating and working in good condition for the track (if rain is present)
-Fuel cap present and not leaking
-Exhaust note is within db limit for the track
-Driver: Helmet (minimum Snell 2015 rating), proper footwear (closed toe), long sleeve shirt, and long pants.

Sound Limit
Track noise limit is 95db measured from the racing line. Vehicles that exceed the sound limit will not be permitted to run.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell M 2015 (or newer with a SFI balaclava) or Snell SA helmet when on track and any designated hot areas. Any car with a roll bar/ cage must use a Snell SA helmet (Snell M not allowed).
Loaner helmets are available upon request based on first come first serve basis at $15/event, if one is needed please make a note of it while registering prior to the event.

Sport Racers
Sport racers or any low sitting purpose built race cars are not eligible to run with the street cars at our events due to safety concerns. If you are driving a Sports Racer at the event please contact the organizer prior to the event.

All SFMC time attack events are sanctioned by CACC and are held under CACC Time Attack Rules and CACC GCR

Classing Rules

As per updated CACC Time Attack regulations, we wil be classifying cars under the SCCA Time Trials System. Please refer to the SCCA Time Trials class my car tool for more information.

Please feel free to contact us at shall you have further questions.


Entries (6)

Adrian Corona
Colin Ostergard
Sam Helpard
Ken Doll
Ian McEwen
Mitch Guindon

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

Cowichan, BC
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


Time Trial organized by

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Club

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