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Canceled:September 11th Auto-X at TD Bank Ballpark

TD Bank Ballpark

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** This event is canceled due to the weather. **


Note: Date change -- was Sept. 25th, now Sept. 11th.

Autocrossing has been a premier activity for the New Jersey Chapter from the beginning. If you have questions about what an autocross is or how the event is organized, please go here. Each driver will usually get at least 8 timed runs during the day. Your best time counts toward the competition. Each cone that is knocked down, or displaced from the box in which it stands, adds a 2 second penalty.

The Venue: The TD Bank Ballpark lot allows courses that yield typical run times of about 45 seconds. Most drivers run the course using 2nd gear.

Minimum Age and License: Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have full driver's license.

Car requirements: You do not need to own or drive a BMW to participante.  However, your car should be in safe condition to run at an autocross.  Please consult the tech document here.

Instruction: Instructors will be available to ride with you at no charge.  We strongly recommend that drivers with little or no autocross experience have an instructor in the car for the first few runs. Drivers seeking in-car instruction must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the day of the event.

BMW CCA Membership: You do not need to be a member of the BMW Car Club of America to participate. However there is a $10 surcharge for non-members. The club welcomes new members. To encourage membership there is a one-time $25 discount of the autocross fee for new members (and you get the member rate).

New Member Discount: If you join the BMW CCA within 60 days prior to this event you may email the registrar for a $25 credit toward the event.  Go to the national BMW CCA website to join. Please email the receipt you receive from BMW CCA to the registrar:

Entry Fee:

Members Pre-registration up until the day of the event  $70
Members Same-day registration $75
Non-members Pre-registration up until the day of the event $80
Non-members Same-day registration $85

Passengers: In accordance with National BMW CCA policies, only autocross instructors or other designated advanced drivers may take passengers. You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be a passenger, or to accept pasengers. Passengers under 18 years of age must be at least 4' 9".  A minor waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. A passenger must wear a properly-fitting helmet. A very limited number of loaner helmets are available.  Because of COVID-19, no helmet sharing is allowed.


  • 8:00 am to 9:00 am Registration and Self Tech 
  • ~8:30 to 9:30 am Open Course Walk
  • 9:00 am Novice Walk/Advanced Walk
  • 9:30 am Driver's Meeting (Mandatory)
  • 10:00 am First Car off
  • 4:00 pm Event ends



Event requirements

Car Classification

All vehicle marques are welcome but only BMWs will be classified and given points toward the NJ Chapter Champ Series.

Cars are grouped according to performance potential, using a formula based in part on the Golden Gate Chapter (GGC) classification page:  Please do not create an account on the GGC web page.

If you are driving a BMW, please use the link to determine the total points of your car before the event, and then use the table below to get your class -- you will be asked for your class at the event when you check in. (All non-BMW's are X class).

Our class system for BMWs is as follows:

E 0-39
D 40-49
C 50-59
B 60-69
A 70-79
AA 80+
X All non-BMW's

Helmet requirements: Helmets are required to participate and must be Snell 2015 or newer with a legible, holographic Snell sticker. Helmets that are only DOT labeled are not acceptable. A limited number of loaner helmets are be available.  Disposable balaclavas (helmet socks) are available at the event for $2.  You must purchase and wear one of these if you use one of our loaner helmets.  Owing to the pandemic, helmets may not be shared.

Shared cars: Two drivers can share a car, but each driver must register.  To share a car, both drivers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or must be members of the same household.

Waivers: You must agree to the on-line waiver that is presented as part of the registration process. Spectators who are minors must have a parent complete and sign the minor release form.

Damage responsibility: Participants are responsible for any damage they cause to the event facility or to the club's equipment. 

Vehicle requirements: All vehicles must undergo a "Self-Tech" prior to the event per the NJ BMW CCA website. At the event, vehicles may be subject to a spot-check to check for brake pedal travel, steering wheel play, secure wheel mountings, fluid leakage and looseness of components, like batteries.  Convertibles are acceptable at the event. BMW "X" vehicles (X1, X3, X4, X5, X6) are acceptable. If you wish to bring another marque SUV/SAV vehicle please email the registrar at in advance for approval. Noise restriction: Cars with unmodified factory exhaust systems are acceptable. If your car is equipped with an after-market exhaust, event officials may evaluate your car to determine whether it conforms to the venue limitations.

Entries (43)

Thomas Nicholls
Brandon Vitello
Christopher Rodriguez
Michael Ferrante
Ethan Hernandez
Purnaesh Prabu
Adrian Dziwak
Clayton Ferrara

TD Bank Ballpark

Bridgewater Township, NJ


Autocross/Solo organized by

BMW CCA - New Jersey Chapter

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