Sat, Sep 21 - Sun, Sep 22, 2024

September 21-22 Carrmoto Track Day

Putnam Park Road Course

About this event

Carrmoto Track Days are aimed at helping motorcycle riders improve riding skills on the track which will also transfer back to the street.  At our track days, you will improve your ability to become familiar with the capabilities of your motorcycle which will make you a more skilled and safer rider.  Safety on the track is our overriding objective.  Coaches will be available in all run groups to help improve rider skill levels.

Run Groups:

  • Advance Group(ADV) is for track day veterans and licensed racers. The pace will be accelerated with safe but close passing.  Passing is allowed in every section of the track.
  • Intermediate Group 2(INT2) is for experienced track riders looking for the bump up from INT1. Generally speaking,  INT2 pace is faster than INT1 pace. Passing with 6ft of space is allowed on all sections of the track.
  • Intermediate Group 1(INT1) is for riders who are looking to bump up from Novice and are familiar with the flags, pit in/out procedures and the racing line.  Generally speaking, INT1 pace is faster than Novice pace.  Passing using the 6ft rule is limited to the straights in the morning and passing in all sections using the 6ft rule in the afternoon sessions.
  • Novice Group(NOV) is for experienced street riders looking to improve their skills and become safer riders. Passing is limited to straights with 6ft of spacing. Generally speaking, it is the slowest group with mostly beginners. Riders looking to bump up to Int 1 should have bikes prepped for that run group.

Early Bird Special ends July 1st:   

  • $220 Single Day 
  • $270 with 1/2 garage option.
  • $415 Weekend
  • $515 Weekend with 1/2 Garage option.

 Rates After July 1st:

  • $240 Single Day.
  • $290 Single Day with 1/2 Garage option.
  • $435 Weekend.
  • $535 Weekend with 1/2 Garage option.

Garages Spots are limited and are on a first-come first-serve basis.  The best way to get one is to sign up early. 

Event requirements

Requirements for gear:

  • A damage-free full-face helmet with an intact face shield. Modular helmets are not permitted. No quick-release systems. Helmets should not be older than 5 years.
  • Leather riding gloves with full gauntlet(over wrist bone).  No holes or broken seams allowed.
  • One- or two-piece leather suit with full waist zipper.  Leathers can have some road rash but no holes or broken seams.  Professional repairs are ok.  Ballistic suits with full armor acceptable in Novice only.
  • Calf length riding boots (no laces).  No holes or broken seams allowed.
  • Back and chest protectors highly recommended. Back protectors are required for INT1, INT2, and ADV

Motorcycle requirements: All bikes must pass 

  • Z rated tires must be 50% or better and be no less than 5 years old.  Tire service will be available at the track.
  • Wheel weights must be well secured and duct taped over.
  • Brake pads must be 50% or better and braking system must be in good working order with firm lever feel.
  • All lever, shifters, and foot pegs should be tight, functional, and undamaged.
  • Throttle must operate smoothly and return to original position.
  • No loose or flopping bodywork
  • No oil or fluid leaks of any kind
  • Exhaust system must be properly secured and functioning.
  • Motorcycles must have a working kill switch on handlebar.
  • All lights, turn signals, and mirrors must be taped where present.
  • Forks and shocks must not be leaking and suspension must be in good working order.
  • Passenger pegs and kick stands must be removed or zip-tied for Intermediate and Advanced groups.
  • No ethylene glycol-based coolant for Intermediate and Advanced groups.
  • Oil filter, oil fill cap, oil drain plug and oil dip stick must be secured with safety wire in Intermediate and Advanced groups.
  • No K&N oil filters
  • Go Pros and similar devices are permitted if tethered to the bike.
  • Please use common sense as safety issues not listed here will need to be addressed before you can go on track.

Putnam Park Road Course

Mount Meridian, IN
Download track map
Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


Carrmoto LLC

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Putnam Park Road Course

September 21-22 Carrmoto Track Day

Sat, Sep 21 - Sun, Sep 22, 2024