Sat, Jun 15, 2024

Season 3 - Event 4 (Points Event) night race

The Sandlot

About this event

2pm - 2:15pm Registration and Tech Inspection

3pm - 3:15pm Course open for walking

3:00pm Mandatory Novice Course Walk & Meeting If you aren't present for the meeting you will not run.

3:15pm Mandatory Driver Meeting

3:30pm First Car on course

This is a rain or shine event. 


This event will be capped at 60 cars. So get registered quickly to ensure your spot. Also if you register and can't attend please cancel to open up a spot for someone else.

We hope to get everyone 10 runs maybe more if we have time.

All  runs of the day will be the shootout qualifier. 
16 people will make the shootout. The shootout winner will win $400,  2nd place shootout will win $100 and the Big Tire, Small Tire ,and truck classes will win $100 per class win.

Must have a minimum of 4 vehicles in each class for prize money to be given.


Participants must have a valid drivers license. 

Every participant will receive one of our cool new GRIP stickers for FREE throw them on your car so everyone knows you are a GRIP Autocrosser!

Grip Members: $50   

Non- Members $60 If you are interested in becoming a GRIP Member click here!

Passengers are welcome!

All PARTICIPANTS must sign the current waiver form. PARTICIPANTS
under the age of 18 must have a current "Minor Release
and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement" signed by his/her parent(s).

Spectators are welcome and encouraged! We have bleachers in our new spectator viewing area you can also bring your own chair and tent! 

Grid access is $10 this includes ride alongs and Grid access. Riders 13-18 years old will need to complete the minor waiver must be signed by both parents or guardians. If you will need this we can send you the waiver prior to the event. 

Sign In 

Everyone must sign in and get a wrist band as confirmation.

Tech Inspection

When you arrive please open your hood, trunk, and unlock your doors for tech.
All participants vehicles must pass the Tech Inspection located on site. Have your car emptied including driver floor mat,Numbers applied,unlocked,hoods up trunk open for the inspection. Tech will start at 2pm-3:15AM ( This is a good time to go check in and get your arm band) You will get a sticker on your windshield and we will shut your hood when you have passed tech. Our Tech Inspection form will be on Facebook Tech Sheet look at it and make sure your ready. 

Worker Assignments

We only have 1 work assiagnment shagging cones, Workers will be compensated by some form at each event! 

Car Numbers

The number you pick during registration will be reserved for you all season. So the earlier you register the more options you have on numbers.

Car numbers should be around 8" tall and on both doors. You will also need your class and modifier on the door more info in Car Classes section. You are responsible for having your number on your car either masking tape or cut numbers but must be readable.

We have a local guy that is more than happy to make you some stickers or magnetic number plates. Give him a text or call. Jermey 256 312 4322

Car Classes

General Vehicle Requirements

  • Production-Based Vehicles: All competing vehicles must be derived from a production model. This includes cars and trucks, whether they are kit cars or have a fiberglass/carbon fiber body resembling a production model. Vehicles not conforming to traditional production models may compete in the Exhibition Class.

  • Tire Regulations: All tires must have a treadwear rating of 200 or more. Vehicles equipped with tires rated below 200 treadwear are only eligible for the Exhibition Class and are ineligible for trophies, awards, or prizes. This rule applies across all brands of tires.

  • Front Tire Width Classification: The width of the front tires determines the competition class (excluding the Truck and Exhibition classes). Vehicles with a front tire width of 255mm or narrower enter the Small Tire Class, while those with front tires  265mm or wider enter the Big Tire Class.

Competition Classes

Big Tire Class (B)

  • Eligibility: Vehicles with a front tire width of 265mm or wider and a minimum weight of 2800 pounds (including driver).
  • Class Identifier: Vehicles in this class are designated with a ‘B’ prefix, followed by a competition number (e.g., B999).

Small Tire Class (S)

  • Eligibility: Vehicles with a front tire width of 255mm or narrower and a minimum weight of 1800 pounds (including driver).
  • Class Identifier: Vehicles in this class are designated with an ‘S’ prefix, followed by a competition number (e.g., S95).

Truck Class (T)


  • Trucks of any tire size, with the stipulation that the truck’s width must exceed its height.
  • A minimum weight of 2800 pounds (including the driver) is required.

Class Identifier:

  • Trucks in this class are designated with a ‘T’ prefix, followed by a competition number (e.g., T130).

Ladies Class (L)

  • Eligibility: This is a supplementary class for female drivers competing within the main classes.
  • Class Identifier: Female drivers add an ‘L’ in front of their main class prefix and competition number (e.g., LS18 for Small Tire Class).

Novice Class (N)

  • Eligibility: Open to drivers in their first year of Autocross. After the first year or winning the Novice Class three times, drivers will graduate from this class.
  • Class Identifier: Novice drivers add an ‘N’ in front of their main class prefix and competition number (e.g., NB76 for Big Tire Class).

Exhibition Class

  • Eligibility: Vehicles with tires under 200 treadwear, or not meeting the weight requirements for other classes. This class is for display and demonstration purposes only.
  •  Restrictions: Participants are not eligible for competition shootouts, prizes, or awards.

Points championship

We will have a points championship this year for the first time the rules for that are here Points rules


General Conduct

1. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone violating this rule will be asked to leave immediately and will forfeit registration fees.

2. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the premises, 

3. No pets are allowed under any circumstances.

4. Grip autocross will run rain or shine. In the event that severe weather causes the cancellation of an event (ice,tornado,etc.) effort wil be made to notify attendees.




Event requirements


  • Working seat belts and throttle return
  • ALL lug nuts present and tight
  • Battery Securely tied down. 
  • Firm Brake pedal
  • No leaking fluids
  • Tires with measurable tread. 
  • ALL loose items removed, including driver mat and hubcaps if you have them
  • Clearly Defined vehicle numbers on both doors about 8" tall
  • Closed toe shoes (so no flip flops ,sandals, crocs) A Snell SA2010 or DOT2010 or newer Helmet. There will be some loaner helmets on site no guarantees try and have your own.
  • We have a sound limit it is 99db if you think your car is over that check it. If you are at the event and we check you over that amount you can be asked to leave. We will not risk loosing our site due to noise levels.
  • Clearly Defined vehicle numbers on both doors about 8" tall

Entries (61)

Benjamin Callahan
Shane Calton
Roger Flippo
Austin McClain
Robert Fitzgerald
Daniel Smith
Nolan Turner
Adam Turner

The Sandlot

Gadsden, AL


Autocross/Solo organized by

GRIP Autocross

Event over!