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San Diego Region

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Avocados, Vines, & County Lines

Road Rally  

Saturday, December 12th, 2020


An SCCA-sanctioned Navigational (Time/Speed/Distance) RoadRally.


Saturday December 12th, departing in the morning and finishing before noon

A beginners meeting (an introduction for newcomers) will be held online the week before the event

The drivers meeting will be held online the night before the event at 7:00 PM


Start location south of Fallbrook, near the intersection of the 15 and 76


The entry fee is $25 per car.

The Driver must be an SCCA Member, note that weekend memberships are available during registration for $15 (and these can be used as credit for a full membership)


Results will be posted online and trophies awarded to the top finishers in each class of competition. Real time results available through free road rally competitor app at event.


Rally expected to cover 50 to 75 miles, mostly on fun-to-drive country roads following legal limits. Each rally is designed to be completed in about 2 hours.


You will need paper and pencil/pen, a watch or clock with a second hand; a stopwatch and a clipboard will be helpful. A valid driver license and proof of current liability insurance are required. Your vehicle must meet basic safety standards (e.g., lights, brakes, windshield wipers and horn must work).


The object of a navigational rally is to follow the rally course at the assigned (legal) speeds and to arrive at each checkpoint on time; not early, not late. Your score on each leg of the rally is based on how early or late you arrive at each checkpoint. 


Hosted by the San Diego Region SCCA

RALLY MASTERs: Tracey and Mike Kretch
SAFETY STEWARD: Larry Scholnick
COVID CHIEF: Diane Bollenbecker


Email: Ric


An SCCA Minor Waiver must be provided for each minor (person under the age of 18). The Minor must sign the 2nd page of the Minor Waiver. 

This form can be witnessed by a SCCA official, it requires both parents to be present and must be printed in color

SCCA Minor Waiver

Otherwise this form can be signed in the presence of a notary, again the form must be printed in color

Notary Minor Waiver


Event requirements





SDR SCCA COVID-19 Supplementary Safety Regulations

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, every attempt will be made to minimize the risks of exposure to the virus. New processes and procedures are being developed and will be put into place for events going forward.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home.

This is the preface to SCCA’s National Guidelines which you should also review in full.  The San Diego Region Road Rally Committee and Board of Directors have also worked to develop this Safety Supplement to keep our members as safe as possible and to allow us to host events in compliance with city, county and statewide standards. We need your help to be successful. Please keep in mind:

1. Some of our members are in high-risk categories. Others may have at-risk family members at home. Do your best to keep them safe.

2. Respect your fellow members. Your opinions about current guidelines are not shared by everyone. Show respect for your friends with your behavior.

3. The virus is not the only risk to our events. Government officials have the power to end current and future events, including potential monitoring by law enforcement and the health department. Our venues can also shut down our events if they perceive that we are not behaving appropriately. So, behave as if your day of racing, and everyone else’s, depends on it – because it does. Non-compliance with these safety guidelines may result in your removal from the event. 


The following guidelines and revised event protocols and processes, in conjunction with those issued by the SCCA National Office, are our attempt to secure your safety given what we know at this time. We cannot predict every circumstance or mitigate every potential risk. We are counting on you to exercise your best judgment in deciding whether to attend, and throughout the event. We reserve the right to change these processes, at any time, as may be needed

If you are sick or symptomatic, stay home. Self-check your temperature before the event and if it is over 100, stay home. You will not be charged if you do not attend. If you become sick at the event, maintain your social distancing and notify the event chair immediately prior to leaving so that we can get you help if needed, and track others who may have been in contact with you.

Events are closed to spectators.This includes your family members and friends that may want to come down and watch or support. Only registered entrants are allowed into the event.

Participants are required to bring their own personal protective equipment (PPE), including face coverings, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. Your safety needs to be your first priority as always. We will have hand sanitizing materials, as well as gloves and basic PPE on hand for event operational needs only.

You must observe all social distancing, sanitizing and handwashing guidelines.

The processes will be implemented, please read them :

  • All entries must be made online in advance. There will be no on-site or day of event registration.
  • Physical contact is discouraged. Please refrain from shaking hands, high-fives and hugs, etc. except with members of your direct household.

Held under SCCA Road Rally Rules, San Diego Region Road Rally General Instructions and SDR SCCA COVID-19 Supplemental Safety Regulations

Competitors under 18 years old MUST have a waiver printed in COLOR signed by ALL parents


San Diego Region Road Rally Information •

Entries (147)

Jason DelVecchio
Paul McGaffey
Seok McGaffey
Gregory Horn
Katherine Horn
Joseph Akerman
Hollis Goodall
Ralph Valenzuela

San Diego Region

San Diego, CA


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - San Diego Region - Solo

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