Fri, Jul 29 - Sun, Jul 31, 2016

SCCA Milwaukee Region - Cat MAJORS Race

Road America

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The Sci Fi Cat Majors Race


Elkhart Lake's ROAD AMERICA

Plymouth, WI














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Those drivers who complete online registration have the option to enter a credit card or pay at the track, e-checks are no longer accepted. Drivers submitting paper entries or who enter at the track may pay with a credit card, check, or money order. Credit card payments are deferred and will not be processed before the event weekend. Make checks payable to Milwaukee Region SCCA.

If you wish to mail in your entry, fill out a copy of the paper entry form which can be found on or  and mail along with a credit card number, check, or money order to:

Kay Imig

10933 North Pebble Lane

Mequon, WI  53092.

Registration questions? Contact Kay Imig at

Before registering, please be sure to read the supplemental regulations, schedule, and participant information found in the waiver section of this site.


All are invited to our Saturday night dinner and historically famous Cat Box rally!

This fun rally not only proves to be entertaining but also has brought out the

competitive spirit in young and old alike. 

Our theme this year is Sci Fi Cat so bring your best Sci Fi attire.

This year's Cat Box Rally rules for The Uline Straight Line follow:

Uline Straight Line D:\Junk\the-world_s-top-10-best-images-of-cats-in-boxes-7.jpg

Cat Box Rally

Sponsored by Uline

Road America

Sanction Number CBR-2016-FUN

Saturday July 30, 2016

After the Saturday meal (About 7:00)

At the Road America Center


Entry fee: Priceless


Race Chairman    Toby Schuster

Chief Steward     Chris Cwiklinski

Chief     Starter    Marc Knippel

Chief Scrutineer    Mark Troemel


  1. There are two classes of cat boxes: BP -  Be-Prepared, FC - Formula Cat Box.

  2. Course length will be determined at the event and is subject to the approval of the chief steward.

  3. The course will be somewhat straightish.

  4. Number of race laps TBD -- usually at least one or until all the boxes fall apart.

  5. In case of inclement weather, a cat box show will be held in lieu of races. FC class entries will be given 5ish minutes to complete their boxes. (These are the same 5 minutes that drivers get on the grid so they can be any duration as determined by the steward)

  6. The Chief Steward reserves the right to amend, modify, or supplement these regulations at her whim.

  7. BP Class – Be Prepared - This is mostly a show class.

    1. Boxes must be decorated in such a fashion to be called show boxes – subject to the approval of the tech steward.

    2. BP class boxes may run in a special BP group or they may run in the FC group.

    3. BP class boxes must meet the rules for the FC class in addition to the requirements listed above.

  8. FC Class – Formula Cat

    1. Cat boxes are limited to a Minimum of 16” on all sides. ( 16 x 16 x 16) There is no maximum size. If you build it, you can run it. (all other rules still apply) The race committee will be supplying some boxes. Feel free to supply your own box that meets the above requirement.

    2. There is a minimum of two people and a maximum of three people per team. There is no limit to the number of crew members to help build the cat box.

    3. Two feet must be in the box at all times. This can be a rider with both feet, or one foot from two individuals. Riding in or on the box is encouraged but not required.

    4. Each Box must have a rope firmly attached to the Box.

    5. In the event that the rope becomes detached during the race, the participants must return to the pits and re-attach the rope.

    6. Boxes must be made of cardboard. Single or double wall cardboard is allowed. Wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic is not allowed except as decorative enhancements.

    7. Cat boxes may have non-cardboard material used for decorations. “Decorative” items must not be used to improve race performance.

    8. The bottom of the box must be flush with the ground. Wheels are not allowed.

    9. Boxes, tape, rope, cutting devices will be provided.

  9. Boxes and teams will be lined up at the Start/finish line to start their race.

  10. A green flag will be dropped at the start, at which time each CBR team will build their box and go to the Start/Finish line to being their race laps.

  11. Smoking is prohibited in the pits, grid and false grid areas.

  12. Neck restraints may be used on unruly participants.

  13. Have fun.


Entries (462)

Daniel Bender
Janes Mack
Duck Waddle
Charles Tatge
Tony Pandjiris
Andrew Strehlo
Matt Strehlo
Mark Bronge

Road America

Plymouth, Wi
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SCCA - Milwaukee Region

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