Sun, Aug 13, 2023

SCCA Hawaii Solo Race #6 (08-13-2023)

Aloha Stadium – Lower Halawa Lot

About this event

SCCA Hawaii Region

The Oahu Solo Chiefs are very happy to announce the start of our 2023 Solo Events at Aloha Stadium! It is extremely important for you to understand and comply with the revisions made to event protocols and process that will be implemented. Please read them as while they are similar, things will not always operate as they have recently, or for the last 5, 10, 20, or 40 years that you've been autocrossing!


SCCA MEMBER Pre-Registration: $50

Non-Member Pre-Registration: $65 ($50 + $15 for weekend membership)

Fun Run Card: $5

Cash is NOT accepted at our events!!

Car Class Run Work Grid
PAX, CAM, Street Modified, EV 3 4 A
Rookie, Street Prepared, HC 4 3 B
Street 1 2 A
Street Touring, Prepared, Modified   2 1 B

^^ Run/Work order is subject to change!


Per SCCA National, the Junior Driver Program has been discontinued. While we are extremely disappointed in this decision, we hope to support your keiki as soon as they earn their driver's permit! 

Check our website for more information.
Pre-Registration opens no later than 8/05/23 at 9am and closes by 8/09/23 at 6pm.


Event requirements


  • ALL pre-registration MUST be paid by credit, debit card or eCheck.
  • No credit for no-shows who pre-registered (for all events).
  • All drivers must be SCCA members.  Weekend membership available for $15.
  • Pre-registration via – 100 driver limit.
  • Pre-registration starts @ 9:00am Saturday prior to event weekend (unless otherwise stated)
  • Pre-registration is NOT transferable.
  • Pre-registered drivers for heats 1 & 2 must complete registration check-in by 8:15am on day of event
  • Pre-registered drivers for heats 3 & 4 must complete registration check-in by 11:30am on the day of event.
  • ALL drivers may be subject to provide proof of valid driver’s license & current/weekend SCCA membership at registration.

The information below is meant to elaborate on newly implemented event logistics and the HI Solo COVID Safety Guidelines:

  • Events Basics
    • Pre-Registration Only (No Walk Ups)
      • $50 Pre-Reg SCCA Member
      • $65 Pre-Reg Non-SCCA Member
    • Registration Limited to 100 Drivers
      • All drivers welcome! No previous Solo experience required.
      • Rookie Class is limited to 20 drivers per event
      • All registrations are subject to approval by the Event Chair and/or Chief of Registration
    • R/W Order will be released the Friday prior to event
    • Events will be standalone & timed results will be issued (No Championship Points)
    • Bring your own PPE (Hand Sanitizer, Mask, Wipes, Gloves)
    • Loaner Helmets are available in very limited quantities - Please bring your own head sock! See helmet certification requirements here
  • Restricted Event Entry
    • Only pre-approved drivers, pit crew, and essential workers will be granted entry
    • (1) Pit Crew/Vehicle is permitted per pre-approved driver
      • Immediate family is allowed in and does not count towards your pit crew allotment
    • Entry/exit is limited to (1) per driver/pit crew.
  • Tech & Numbers
    • Driver performs checks from inside vehicle with Tech Inspector witnessing at 6’ distance
      • Tech Inspectors will check items outside the vehicle
    • Drivers will be sent the Solo Tech Sheet with your pre-registration confirmation to prepare for our new tech system
    • All drivers must bring their own Rulebook compliant numbers
      • Painters tape will not be available or allowed as use for numbers/letters
  • Rookie In-Car Instruction, Co-Drivers & Fun Runs
    • Rookie In-Car Instructors & Co-Drivers are allowed
      • If not from the same household, the following must be adhered to:
        • Mutual consent of driver(s) and passenger/instructor
        • Windows should be down
        • Masks optional
    • Fun Runs will be held (time permitting)
      • 1 passenger permitted and subject to discretion of Event Chair
      • See above for passenger requirements if not from same household/bubble
  • Work Assignments
    • Disinfectant Wipes will be available for all assignments with shared equipment
      • Workers must wipe down equipment between Heats
    • Workers are strongly encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizers to your assignment!
  • COVID Requirements (including but not limited to)
    • Social distancing is requested
      • Masks only required when passengers ride with non-bubble drivers and when social distancing cannot be met
    • Paddocks should have one stall between vehicles within the same bubble
      • Bubbles are defined as within your same household or immediate family
      • Tents are allowed in your Paddock space for your bubble member’s use
    • Disinfectant Wipes will be kept at the porta-potties for safety before/after each use
      • Please help us by wiping seat, door handles, and other commonly touched areas after each use!
      • A trash can will be provided for safe disposal of used wipes. DO NOT FLUSH THEM!
      • Porta-potties will be sanitized with dilute bleach solution at the start of each heat
  • Perception in the Media
    • If you plan to take photographs or video, be cognizant and respectful of both SCCA Hawaii and our drivers. Perception is real even when it is not reality, so be mindful of how actions (during and after an event) can reflect on the club.
    • Be aware that some photos can be misconstrued and jeopardize future events.

Entries (114)

Michael Lee
Joseph Battista
Aaron Fukumoto
Remy Ishikawa
Tolkien Leung
Neal Cook
Andrew Morgan
Roel Bonilla

Aloha Stadium – Lower Halawa Lot

Honolulu, HI


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Hawaii Region - Solo

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