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Salina Solo August 23

Salina Solo August 23

SCCA - Salina Region

Sunday, August 23, 2020
East Crawford Recreation Area, Salina, KS

Registration closed August 23, 2020 9:35 AM at 2020-08-23T07:35:00-0700 Registration ends August 23, 2020 9:35 AM at 2020-08-23T07:35:00-0700 Registration opens March 13, 2020 8:00 AM at 2020-03-13T06:00:00-0700 Registration runs from March 13, 2020 8:00 AM to August 23, 2020 9:35 AM

• We have received official approval to run our autocross, with stipulations, primarily relating to social distancing and compliance with state quarantine guidelines. We’ve been informed they will be monitoring our activity and could shut us down.

• We cannot accept any entries from residents of Louisiana, Illinois, or the northeastern USA. Anyone who, since August 1st, has traveled overseas or on an ocean or river cruise must have completed a 14 day quarantine.


Please join us for this event of the 2020 Salina Region SCCA Solo season.  This is the third of Sunflower Solo Showdown 

We run all rule book classes,including all the CAM classes, the new XS and EV classes.  SCCA's new rulebook Xtreme Street classes are replacing our STO classes.  Cars must still use 200 treadwear tires minimum.  The classes are based solely on minimum weight, as follows:

XSA: FWD 2500 lbs, RWD 2750 lbs, AWD 3000 lbs.  XSB: FWD 2000 lbs, RWD 2150 lbs.

Not sure what class you're in? Search for your car in this list from SCCA. Still not sure, contact us and we will help you class your vehicle.

Junior Karts are currently suspended per the national office.

HEATS WILL BE RUN BY GROUP! This means you will not have a heat selection option, our base heat groups are listed below.  These are subject to change to allow heat balancing, but a single class will always be in the same heat group.  Group A will run heat 1, work heat 2 and Group B will run heat 2 and work heat 1 on March 15th. Following this, the groups will continue to alternate heats every event, see the schedule for run group details.  Balancing may be required the day of the event based on entrants.

Run Group A Run Group B
 Street Mod Ladies Classes  Street Mod Open Classes
 Street Prepared Open  Classes  Street Prepared Ladies Classes
 All other Prepared Open Classes  All other Prepared Ladies Classes
 All other Ladies Mod Classes  All other Open Mod Classes
 Heritage Classic Classes  Heritage Classic Ladies
 KM / KML  Junior Karts/Junior Karts Ladies


$25 Preregistered Member

$15 Preregistration for all Jr.Kart and FSAE entries.

Add $2 for Credit Card Payment Online or no added fee for Cash/Check at Event Site.

Non-Members must select non-member registration which will automatically set them up for a Weekend Membership.

If you are under 18 years of age you must also have a Minor wavier which can be found here.

Onsite Registration is also available for an additional $5, cash or check ONLY.  Also, a Weekend Membership  will be required for all non-members.

We do not charge credit cards until after the event. If you pre-pay but then cannot make the event, you will not be charged.

Our Schedule

 Date  Event  Run 1st   Chair Safety
 March 14  TnT at Salina   Rocky Entriken  Monte Rans
 March 15  Solo At Salina A Rocky Entriken Monte Rans
 April 5  Solo At Salina B    
 April 24-26   Evolution School
 Friday-Phase 1 Saturday-Phase 2
 Sunday-Challenge School
  Rocky Entriken  
 April 25-26

 Twin Solos
 Note: Course size will be reduced
 to allow room for Evo School

Sat -A


Abner Perney Monte Rans
 May 9  Solo At Salina A Brian Tefft Jr. Theresa Walton
 June 6-7  Salina Midwest Divisional  

Monte Rans

Brett Grier

 June 21  Solo At Salina B    
 July 19  Solo At Topeka        Showdown      NA NA
 Aug 2  Solo At Wichita       Showdown   NA NA
 Aug 23  Solo At Salina      A Monte Rans  
 Sept 13  Solo At Salina    Showdown B



 Oct 11  Solo At Salina A    
 Oct 25  Solo At Salina Octoberfast B Board  
 Nov 8  Solo At Salina A Aaron Loggan