Sat, Jun 24 - Sun, Jun 25, 2023

Rumble at the Rock Track Event at Rockingham Roval

Rockingham Speedway

About this event

This event is an HPDE at Rockingham Speedway Roval!  The Rock is an iconic ex-Nascar track that has banked turns and an infield turning an oval with a road course into a "Roval".  This course has 25 degree banking and 10 turns over a 1.5 mile course.  There is no competition for times or trophies but a lot of fun to be had. Virtually any car is fully capable of handling this type of event.  Here is the information you will need for this event.

Where: Rockingham Speedway Roval - Rockingham, NC

When: June 24-25, 2023

Cost: $375.00 for two days or $250.00 for one day (SCMC and TrackClub USA members get $50 discount email Tony at MRMACH@YAHOO.COM for discount code)

To join one of these clubs, go to if you own an SVT Mustang/Shelby Mustang/Boss 302 or go to to join if you another make or model.


Host Hotel: Our host hotel is Carolina Pine Inn at: 175 Persimmon Drive, Pinebluff, NC, 28373

Run Groups: 

Drivers are split into 5 experience or "run" groups based on skill level. Green will be required to have an instructor in the car.  

[]– Green: This is the Novice group for anyone who has zero, or very limited, track experience.  An instructor will be provided to each student to help get all members of this group up to speed. If you require an instructor, you must sign up in this group!

[]– Yellow: This is the Intermediate group, which is for anyone with a few weekends of experience. This is a solo group.

[]– Blue: This is the Advanced run group, which is for anyone with many track weekends, no instructors are required. You should have a solid history with numerous events completed.

[]– Red: This is the Super-Advanced run group, for those have experience passing with point by optional including those who hold Competition licenses (NASA, SCCA, WRL, etc). This is an open passing group.

[ ]– White: This is the Instructor run group..

Instructors - Instructors may join us at no charge. Instructors must be approved by the Chief Instructor.  Please contact Jay Schoolmeesters at before signing up to instruct.  Instructors are automatically signed up for both days unless other arrangements are made. 

Fill out and print both of these forms and bring copies with you to registration check in.
DO NOT just "submit" forms because a "signed" physical copy of the filled out forms is required at registration.

Helmet Form:

Tech Form:

We will have a free cruise in car show available to anyone that signs up for Parade laps so bring out your car show friends and everyone will get to drive around an epic NASCAR Speedway at lunch time on Saturday!

Event requirements

You must have a valid driver's license to run with the SCMC/TCUSA and be 16 years of age or older.

Your vehicle must be in good mechanical condition and will be required to pass a tech inspection.

Your vehicle should have a recent brake fluid change (within the last three months), and have more than 50% of brake pad left.

Your helmet must be a Snell approved SA2015 or newer .  Motorcycle Helmets are not allowed.  Convertibles are allowed but must have a 4 point DOT approved rollbar and pass the broomstick test.

You will have to have a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and shoes in good condition- no sandals or open toe shoes.


Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham, NC


Open Track organized by

Track Club USA

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