Sat, Jun 8, 2024

Roads Scholar 2024 National Course Road Rally

Madison, Wisconsin

About this event

SCCA Milwaukee Region Presents

Roads Scholar National Course RoadRally

Madison, Wisconsin

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Join your fellow RoadRally enthusiasts for this 180 mile time-speed-distance National Course RoadRally in the beautiful Wisconsin countryside.  You and your rally partner will enjoy a scenic rally adventure through the marvelous country roads south of Madison, Wisconsin.  You'll be tested on your ability to observe, reason, maintain the assigned average speeds, and follow explicit directions. This year's event will use both Numbered and Lettered Route Instructions.  There will be a variable Main Road rule. 

It is not recommended for people who have never rallied before. 

There are several unpaved roads on the rally route. 

The rally starts in Verona, Wisconsin (at Hyatt Place hotel) and finishes at Sugar River Pizza in Verona (adjacent to the Hyatt Place hotel).  


Headquarters hotel:  Hyatt Place, 846 Liberty Dr, Verona, Wisconsin.  A block of rooms has been reserved for contestants at a special rate of $119/night plus tax, but only until May 7th.  This includes a hot breakfast buffet.  You can book your hotel room online using the link that will be provided after you register for the rally.

Roads Scholar schedule: 
Friday 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM:  Rally check-in in the lobby lounge of Hyatt Place, Verona, WI.

Saturday 8:31 AM:  Car #1 starts rally

Saturday ~5:30 PM:  Car #1 firiishes rally

Cost:  $95/car.  Any contestant that is not an full SCCA member (paid annual dues or lifetime dues) must purchase a Weekend membership at a cost of $15.  A Weekend membership is good for 5 days, so one Weekend membership is sufficient for BOTH rallies - Roads Scholar and Sunday Scholar.  If neither team member is an SCCA member, two Weekend memberships are required.  Your credit card will not be charged until 2 weeks before the rally.

Pre-registration is required for this event.  General Instructions will be emailed to all registered contestants 2 weeks prior to the event.

We encourage you to also join us the next day, Sunday, June 9th, for the Sunday Scholar National Course RoadRally.  It also starts at the Hyatt Place, Verons, WI.  You can register for this rally on  It is listed as a separate event.

Want further information on Roads Scholar?  Contact the rallymaster:  Jim Crittenden  at


Event requirements

Contestants will be asked to enter in one of these four Classes, as determined by the distance measurement and calculating devices that will be used.

Class E (Equipped)

      There are no restrictions on calculating equipment in this Class.  Typical calculating devices in this Class include:  Alfa, Chronar, Timewise, and Zeron rally computers.

Class L (Limited)

        All distance information is derived from any of the following:  the vehicle’s electronic system, the vehicle’s speedometer cable, or pulses generated by the movement of the vehicle (e.g. magnets mounted to the drivetrain, of GPS devices).  Calculating devices are limited to those that require manual entry of the distance information (e.g. Curta calculators, tables, laptop computers, electronic APPs, programmable and non-programmable electronic calculators).  Readouts that continuously show the difference from either the perfect time or the perfect distance are prohibited.

Class S (Stock)

        Any distance information used for timing calculations must be visually acquired from the vehicle’s stock, non-adjustable odometer in the stock location.  Any calculating device may be used as long as the distance information from the vehicle’s stock odometer is manually entered into the device.  GPS odometers may be used in this Class only if their information is NOT used for any timing calculations or for any determination of earliness or lateness.

 Class G (GPS)

        All distance information must be derived from a GPS source.  Calculating devices may be any electronic device (e.g. Simple Rally Computer type APPs and a GPS-Pulser providing distance input to a Rally computer.

Entries (6)

James H Heine
C Robert Morseburg
James C Wakemen
Fred Rosevear
Jim Duea
Chris Bean

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, WI


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Milwaukee Region

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Roads Scholar 2024 National Course Road Rally

Sat, Jun 8, 2024