Sat, Oct 8, 2022

Redwood Region Annual Meeting in the Redwoods!

Chenoweth Woods

About this event

Please come and join us on Saturday October 8 2022 for a very special Annual Meeting experience!

This year, befitting our name, we will have our Annual Meeting outdoors in a spectacular Redwood Grove, at Chenoweth Woods in West Sonoma County (west of Sebastopol, North of Occidental), courtesy of member Rex Simmons.  In addition to hearing about the state of the club and being introduced to the new slate of officers running for our Executive Council positions (election in November), a delicious lunch will be catered, including:

Entree Choice (Tri-Tip or Pork Shoulder)

$40 per person will cover your lunch, water, tax, and tip. Note this is a BYOB event (no corkage fee; no bar either).

But as they say, getting there is half the fun!

For this event we will offer three choices on how you may wish to end up at Chenoweth Woods around 11:30 am on Saturday October 8 2022. 

  • A roughly 2 hour (82 mile) driving tour from Warm Springs Recreation Area at the north end of West Dry Creek Valley
  • A shorter (44 mile) fun "Run for the Money" gimmick rally that will start in Petaluma
  • You may drive your own route (but please note advance registration for the event and lunch is still required)


The driving tour will head out west along Skaggs Springs / Stewarts Point Road to Highway 1 South and then return along the Russian River. It is strongly recommended that you have driven this road before and that your passenger, if any, does not get motion sickness. Although the pavement of the last few miles of this road is showing its age, the good news is that the "gravel section" in the middle has finally been paved. The route has been published and is available for download to Redwood Members at:

The gimmick rally will begin in Petaluma and will be a sign-based rally where participants drive on a clearly-described route, and need to spot signs for which they have been given descriptions, but not in the correct order. Rearranging the sign sequence so it matches the physical sequence will be your quest! Please note, per PCA rules, cars competing in this rally must have both a driver and a navigator. 

*Final information about the start times (somewhere around 9:30) and exact start locations will be sent separately after you have registered*

Should you choose to drive directly to Chenoweth Woods on your own, the arrival time will be 11:30 am and the address is 12801 Green Valley Rd Sebastopol, CA 95472. Phone (707) 829-6820.

Event requirements

Please note that all attendees must pre-register and if driving on either the tour OR the gimmick rally, sign the liability waiver and communicable disease waiver by using the SpeedWaiver link process.

The link to send your passenger(s) is:

If you have not used SpeedWaiver before, the process is as follows:

  1. Each person accesses the link above (if not already done through this MSR registration process) on any browser.
  2. Each person enters their name and their own (not shared) smartphone number.
  3. Each person will receive a text message to their smartphone with a link that will bring them to the SpeedWaiver site and, using their fingers to sign, will sign both the waivers that appear.
  4. Each person will take a selfie with their smartphone confirming it is them. These photos are NOT broadcast over the internet but are only used internally on the MSR site.
  5. This process can only be used for adult participants. If there are questions about minor children, please contact the organizer at


Entries (33)

Greg Maissen
Jonathan Fong
Donald Nohai
Neil McHugh
Cheryl Spott
Alan Straub
Tina Chandler
Eric Moeller

Chenoweth Woods

Sebastopol, CA


Fun Run/Tour organized by

PCA - Redwood

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