Wed, Mar 17, 2021

PSGKA 2021 Members Practice 03.17 10:30-7:00


About this event

Track will be closed for a work party. We're doing concrete and tar work on the track surface, which will require the track is closed both days. Sorry!

We have an assortment of tasks which need people to work on them, so you could come on Saturday and help us out. :)

Event requirements

Anyone Registering to Drive: At these practice sessions, you cannot be at the track alone.  There must be at least one other person who is capable of dialing a phone in an emergency.  This can be another person in the pits, or even another driver.  This requirement is because the track supervisor will be there to sign you in, but may not always be outside to supervise your driving.  If you arrive alone, and there's nobody else at the track, we may not be able to let you drive until someone else arrives.

All Non-Members: You need to arrange for there to be a member at the track with you.  Do not assume it will be the event supervisor.

COVID-19 Restrictions: To stay in compliance with Washington COVID-19 restrictions, each pit area is limited to five people total.  Please do not sign-up more than five people for your pit area.  Also, spectators are not allowed until a later phase of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Face coverings are required to be worn at all times while at the PSGKA track.  If you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a face mask, please do not come as you will be asked to leave.  Masks are not available at the track so bring a mask from home.

Entries (7)

Taya Miller
Benton Herley
Robert Prince
Don Goff
Otto Jorgenson
Kevin Chinn
Christian Lee


Spanaway, WA


Karting organized by

Puget Sound Go Kart Assoc - PSGKA

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