Sun, Jun 23, 2024

PSGKA 2024 Club Race #4


About this event

Race 4 of the 2024 PSGKA Club Championship!  Let's see all our race familes out here to break in their equipment.

Registration on MotorsportReg closes at 8 AM on race day, and registration in-person is open until the drivers' meeting (usually at 8:30 AM).

Keep reading further down on this page for more event information.

Event requirements

Note: For Minors 17 years and Under

In order for minors to race or be in the pit area, they must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign minor release forms. If a parent or legal guardian cannot attend, the adult who brings them must bring an annual parental consent form filled out and signed by a Parent/Guardian, and the custody form must be signed by both parents/guardians and must be notarized by an official notary.

NKA Annual Parental Consent 

PSGKA Notary Minor Custody 

Classes We Run

  • Kid Karts (Non Competition)
  • Briggs 206 Junior 1
  • Briggs 206 Junior 2
  • Briggs 206 Senior
  • Briggs 206 Masters
  • World Formula/Tillotson 225RS
  • 60cc Cadet
  • 100cc Junior
  • 100cc Senior
  • TAG Cadet
  • TAG Junior
  • TAG Senior
  • TAG Heavy
  • Shifters

Race Day Highlights/Schedule

 This is a rough outline of what a normal race schedule looks like. Exact times throughout the day will depend how many race groups are in the schedule. There is often 5 to 7 groups.

  • Registration on MotorsportReg closes at 8:00 AM
  • Registration at the track closes at 8:30 AM
  • Drivers Meeting at 8:30 AM
  • Engines On no earlier than 9:00 AM
  • First Practice at 9:05 AM (Usually kid karts first)
  • Practice 1 (5 minute sessions, ~2 minutes between each)
  • Practice 2 (5 minute sessions, ~2 minutes between each)
  • Short Break (about 15* minutes)
  • Qualifying (5 minute sessions, ~2 minutes between each)
  • Lunch (30-60* minutes)
  • Heat Race (7 minutes + 1 lap race; around 10 minutes total per group)
  • Final Race (10 minutes + 1 lap race, around 13 minutes total per group)
  • Awards (about 20 minutes after the end of the last race)

* At race director's discretion


We welcome non-members and members alike to come and race here. Club membership is not required to race at our track. If you're interested or able, memberships are the primary way we keep PSGKA operating and can make improvements. It also gives you discounts on practice days and race entries. You can get more information and sign up for a membership here.

Pit Space Request

You are not required to request pit space, but you should! It helps us plan out everyone's pit needs. It's your best chance to get a good spot in the pits. If you don't send one, or register late, we can't plan around what you want/need. You can email the track caretaker Brian VerDuin to request pit space. Please include information like how many karts you're running, how many 10 by 10 canopies, size of your trailer, whether you like to pit out the back or side of said trailer, and anything else you think we should know.

Meeting everyone's diverse pitting needs can be hard, but we always do our best. Depending on the entry count, we may have to be more or less aggressive on pit space savings, so let Brian know what you want, but also what your minimum is. Thanks!


Dry camping is available at the back of the property. There are bathrooms in the pits which remain unlocked and motion-sensor lit all night. You are welcome to arrive at the track anytime during normal operating hours the week of the event. If you want to arrive at a time outside normal hours, we can probably accommodate your needs. Contact the caretaker Brian VerDuin to let them know you want to come outside normal hours.

Entries (1)

Curtiss Wolfe


Spanaway, WA


Karting organized by

Puget Sound Go Kart Assoc - PSGKA

PSGKA 2024 Club Race #4

Sun, Jun 23, 2024