Sat, Apr 15, 2023

PKRA 4-Hour Endurance Race

Phoenix Kart Racing Association

About this event

PKRA 4-Hour Endurance Race - April 15, 2023
Registration ends promptly at April 12, noon
 Short Track CW (Special Pit Exit)

  • Online Registration Only, with team member finalization race day.
  • A Spec 1 Gallon Fuel Jug will be provided with the entry fee that is what must be used to fill during pit stops.  No other fuel jug will be allowed on the grid.   Fuel jugs may NOT be shared between teams with a maximum of 1 spec fuel jug fill per-stop.  Funnels or additional hose may be used, but the provided spout pieces must be used as-is.
  • Rules: 
  • This is a non-points race.
  • All Consent and Waiver forms are available at the track, arrive early to sign and obtain wristbands before entering the pit area
  • Each Endurance Race Entry includes 4 Driver/Mechanic wristbands  
  • Three classes will run together on track at the same time:
    • LO206 Junior 2               - Avg 310 lbs - Numbers  0-19
    • LO206 Senior (Medium) - Avg 345 lbs - Numbers 20-39
    • LO206 Heavy                   - Avg 380 lbs - Numbers 40-59
  • Rolling Start
  • Front row pit spots (vehicles) will be first come / first served basis on race day, with one spot per team.  There will be no assignments.  Excess vehicles will need to park in the back row area.

  • Grid pit spots will be assigned based on qualifying order.

  • Hoosier R70 tires 4.5/6 in widths required

  • VP110 Fuel reequired (purchase your own)

  • Neck braces are reequired for all.

SCHEDULE (Tentative)

12:00 pm Gates open
12:00 pm – 3:00pm Registration open
2:00 pm Drivers Meeting
2:30 - 3:30pm  Practice
2:30 - 4:00 pm  Scale Time All Classes
4:30 - 4:45pm Qualifying (All Classes)
4:45 - 5:20 Dinner Break. Kart Prep
5:30 Report to Grid for race pre-tech.
5:45:pm – 9:45pm Race

Event requirements

Rules:   A transponder is required for racing.  You can use your own or rent one from PKRA.  

Pit Pass Wristbands must be purchased and worn for anyone in the pit area (anywhere karts are) and is an insurance requirement.  4 Wristbands for drivers/mechanics are included with each edurance race registration.  Extra wristbands (beyond the included 4) can be purchased at the track or online here with entry.  A free public spectator area will be available with bleachers outside the pit area, where Pit Pass Wristbands are not required

Registration will use the contact information (including birth date for age verification), emergency contact information, and vehicle transponder from your profile.  Please make sure this information is current.  If you rent your transponder, you'll still need to create a vehicle, but leave the transponder number blank.

Front row pit spots (vehicles) will be first come / first served basis on race day.  There will be no assignments

Grid pit spots will be assigned based on qualifying order.

Fuel Cans and Tires must be taken with you.  They cannot be left at the track.

For those new to MotorsportReg:

  • Registration must use the profile of one of the drivers.   
  • Support for account management and payment is provided by MotorsportReg through self help functions, documentation, and email support.  Support for Club Race Registration is provided by PKRA through

Phoenix Kart Racing Association

Glendale, AZ
Download track map
Download track map


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Phoenix Kart Racing Association

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PKRA 4-Hour Endurance Race

Sat, Apr 15, 2023