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Wed, Sep 8, 2021

Pitt Race Full Track PDE Group 1 and 2 Instructed

Pittsburgh International Race Compl

About this event

PDE (Performance Driver Education) - Learn the art of track driving in a controlled environment, and then put it to the test. Train with Pitt Race’s instructors, using your car on our 2.8 mile road course. Learn the basics of race flags and high-performance driving through classroom instruction and driving sessions. The goal is for you to develop your skills behind the wheel as you experience a broad range of your car’s performance. If you want to be a better driver and experience the fun of driving on a race track, Pitt Race PDE is your source.

Participants are divided into the following Groups: 

Group 1 (Novice): Group 1 is for first time track drivers or for drivers with limited experience at other locations. If you ever wanted to learn about high performance driving, but lack the track experience, this group is for you. Drivers spend in-car sessions and classroom sessions with our driving instructors and learn the basic skills of high performance driving. This group is meant to provide a supportive and instructional, low pressure situation to learn the fundamentals of performance driving on track. Cost: $245 per driver

Group 2 (Intermediate): Once our instructors have approved you to move up from Group 1, or if you have some other previous track experience, Group 2 is the next step. This group provides more experienced drivers the opportunity to continue learning their performance driving skills. In-car instructors are still provided and classroom time is minimal. The goal for this group is to learn more advanced track technique while maintaining control and safety. Cost: $245 per driver.

Groups 1 & 2 will include three 25-minute sessions on track with our instructor, plus classroom sessions according to the schedule for each group.  

PDE Group 1 and Group 2 Event Outline

  • Participants may enter the property 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted in a pre-event email.
  • No race engines may be started before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.
  • Driver Check-In begins at 10:00 a.m., followed by a mandatory driver’s meeting at 11:30 a.m.
  • Once online registration is closed, walk-ups may still be accepted at the Pitt Race Retail Store on the day of the event if open spots are still available. 
  • If you arrive after the drivers meeting you must see the lead instructor before you will be given access to the track.
  • At 11:30 p.m. classroom sessions begin for Group 1 and the first on track session begins for Group 2.
  • Pitt Race determines the schedule based on enrollment and changes may be made to account for weather or on–track incidents. Pitt Race reserves the right to limit the number of participants on the track.
  • PDE session times are subject to adjustments and modifications.
  • The driver is financially responsible for any damages that occur to the track, guardrail, cleanup, or other track property.
  • The PDE sessions will be completed by approximately 4:00 p.m.

Tentative schedule

Time Classroom On-Track
11:00 AM Instructors meeting None
11:30 AM Group 1 and Group 2 Instructors only warmup (20 min)
12:00 PM Group 1  Group 2
12:30 PM Group 2 Group 1
1:00 PM Group 1 Group 2
1:30 PM Group 2 (if needed) Group 1
2:00 PM None Instructors driving student passengers
2:30 PM None Group 2
3:00 PM None Group 1
3:30 PM None Track cold

Event requirements

Car Requirements:

  • This program requires all drivers to use their own qualified vehicle.
  • The Pitt Race Self-Tech Form must be completed for every car on track. The form must be surrendered to event personnel before being released onto the track.  Forms are collected on the false grid (this will be explained in class and/or at driver’s meeting). Please use this link to download the form: HERE
  • The car must have a passenger seat installed with safety equipment for the instructor equal to the safety equipment for the driver.
  • If available, please install the factory tow hook on the front of the car.
  • Convertible vehicles with operational OEM rollover protection system are allowed. This includes factory roll bars, pop up rollover protection, and reinforced a-pillars designed to provide rollover protection (Caution: Some cars are equipped with "style bars" or other devices that mimic the appearance of a roll bar, but are not true rollover protection).The car must be driven with the convertible top in the up and locked position. Arm restraints are recommended.  Please call the track if you have questions about your car.
  • All other convertibles require either an installed factory hard top or a four-point roll bar that protects both the drivers and passenger side of the vehicle. If a roll bar is installed, the top of the occupants helmet must be below the line from the top of the roll bar (not including padding) to the top of the windshield frame. Portions of the roll bar subject to contact by the drivers’ helmet must be padded with a non-resilient material with a minimum thickness of one-half inch. Arm restraints are recommended.
  • Vehicles with a high center of gravity and narrow track are not permitted. Most SUV's, Cross-Overs, Mini Vans, and 4WD pickup trucks are not permitted.
  • Pitt Race reserves the right to refuse a vehicle access to the track for any reason.
  • No passengers in any cars at any time, excluding approved instructors riding with a student. 
  • No single seater vehicles or "formula" type open wheel cars are permitted in HPDE.
  • Tesla owners please see additional notes at the end if this page.

Driver Requirements:

  • Drivers must be 18 years of age or older, and possess a valid state issued driver's license.
  • Minors ages 16 or 17 with a valid learner permit may participate in Group 1 with a completed Parental Consent form. Please contact the track ahead of time for details.
  • Minors with a valid driver’s license may participate with a completed Parental Consent form. Please contact the track ahead of time for details.
  • Minors with a valid road racing license may participate with a completed Parental Consent form. Please contact the track ahead of time for details.
  • Shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn while on track. (No sandals, heels, Crocs, etc.)
  • Drivers must wear full length pants. Long sleeved shirts are recommended.
  • Helmets Snell certified with the following ratings are accepted: SA2020, SA2015, SA2010, SAH2010, M2020, M2015, M2010, SFI 2010, and SFI 2015. Note that the 2010 rated helmets will not be valid for Pitt Race HPDE or Test and Tune after December 31, 2021. Helmets with DOT only certifications are not accepted. 
  • Proof of credentials may be required for opting into higher level run groups. Drivers must bring any existing Log Book or be able to provide other proof of experience.
  • Instructors will complete a Student Evaluation Form (for Group 1 and Group 2) and it will be available for viewing on your Motorsportreg.com profile within a few days after the event. 

Sunoco Racing Fuel is the official fuel of Pitt Race. The following grades are available at the facility pay-at-the-pump station. There is a Sunoco mandated security program in place that will limit you to three transactions on the same card in one day. If you think you will need more fuel, bring more than one card.

·         Leaded 110 Octane

·         Unleaded 100 Octane

·         Premium Unleaded 93 Octane (There are two pumps with 93 octane. They are dispensed from different tanks but are the same fuel)


Driving a Tesla in our PDE?

Pittsburgh International Race Complex welcomes your vehicle to our PDE program. We also want to make sure you are aware of the unique circumstances that driving a Tesla on track may bring.

Pitt Race cannot determine how long your vehicle battery will last during track driving. Variables including the weather, the length of sessions, speed, distance, and the driver, will affect the vehicles overall range.

Electric paddock spots that have a 50-amp outlet are available to reserve for the event. Please reserve your spot as soon as you can by calling the track at 724-535-1000. You may charge your car using your appropriate connector.Pitt Race does not have a Tesla Supercharger or Mobile Connector station, so please be prepared for possibly longer charge times and have the appropriate equipment available.

Please follow all the other rules listed on the tech sheet and registration information.



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Pittsburgh International Race Compl

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