Mon, Sep 13, 2021

PCMRC Test & Tune

Greg Moore Raceway

About this event

The Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club (PCMRC) is the Lower Mainland’s mini roadracing community. We promote fun and affordable motorcycle racing on paved short-course tracks in a safe, controlled environment for riders of all ages. 


What is "Mini Roadracing"?

Mini roadracing is exactly like big bike racing. The racing lines, acceleration and braking is all to scale of a full size road courses but without the top speed. Racing a bike of these sizes lets you go out have a great day of road-racing without cost and risk of serious injury associated with big bike racing. 

For more information about the club check out our website or our Facebook page


What is a "Test & Tune"?

Our Test & Tunes offer track time to practice racing, enhance your riding skills, and fine-tune your motorcycle setup without the pressure of a race. Come on out and turn some laps with us. 

We will be sharing the track with Kart Club members so there will be 2 runs per hour for motorcycles - meaning 2 groups of 10 riders, each getting 15 minutes per hour. Rides will be grouped according to rider ability and motorcycle. 

This Test & Tune will be split into two sessions:

  • Daytime Session (9am - 4pm): 2 groups of 10 riders (20 riders in total), limited to ages 10+
  • Evening Session (4pm - 8pm): 1 group of 10 riders (ages 10+) and 1 group reserved for our Youth 6-9 members

If the session you want is sold out, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist in case a spot opens up at the last minute. 

You MUST be a 2021 PCMRC to participate in the test & tune. 

As a reminder, aggressive passing is prohibited; this is practice, not a race. 

Event requirements

Individual Requirements

  • You must be a 2021 PCMRC member.
  • Full safety gear required: helmet, leathers, boots, gloves.
  • Fun is MANDATORY. 


Bike/Tech Requirements

Your motorcycle must be track-ready: 

  • Any metal parts that may contact the track in a crash need to be protected by plastic sliders eg axles,handle bar ends, footpegs, exhaust.
  • No loud exhaust, sound meter will be at track on practice days.
  • All oil, gas and water contained in motorcycle must be secure and not leak onto track at anytime including during a crash.

Greg Moore Raceway

Chilliwack, BC


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