Sat, Jun 15 - Sun, Jun 16, 2024

PCASDR Time Trial - Willow Springs

Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

About this event

Porsche Club of America – San Diego Region welcomes you!

Join us at Southern California's reference track: Willow Springs International Raceway's 2.5 mile road course, Saturday & Sunday, June 15th & 16th, running clockwise.   All spots are allocated first come, first served (subject to Season Pass priority).  If you sign up and a spot does not become available for you, you will not be charged.  Please read carefully everything on both this page and the next before signing up so that you don't miss out!

2024 Fees
TT Drivers/Instructors (early bird) $475
TT Drivers/Instructors $525
TT Students (early bird) $575
TT Students $625
Timed runs $30
Onsite tech $0
Transponder rental $30

This Willow Spring International Raceway event features a Time Trial (TT) only, with four separate run groups. Please note that TT students are encouraged to attend, however there is no novice DE at this event. Please contact the Registrar at: for questions.

Important information for signing-up (read and heed this carefully before registration opens if you want to attend):

  • Due to  high expected demand, completing the online registration process DOES NOT mean you are Confirmed to attend the event
  • Sign up correctly when registration first opens to maximize your chances of being confirmed
  • To sign up correctly, thoroughly read this information page and the next, follow all instructions (many of which need to be completed before registration opens), then carefully fill out the registration form on the third page once it becomes available
  • If you do not perform the steps that are required to be completed before you go on to register you will likely either not be able to complete registration before a sellout occurs or you will have an incomplete registration which will cause a loss of your registration priority based upon time of sign-up
  • Your credit card will not be charged when you sign up (though the number will be collected)
  • You must monitor your e-mail regularly and be prepared to respond within 24 hours (or within 8 hours the week of the event) to any inquiries you may receive or you may lose your priority
  • Please check your Dashboard on MotorsportReg within 2 weeks after registration opened to view your status  
  • If you are Waitlist New, we do expect movement on the waitlist as confirmed participant cancellations occur

The base price for this event (assumes early registration, no need to rent anything, etc.) is $475 for the weekend.  There are one day registrations available. Track time per entrant is expected to be approximately 3 hours, and traffic is anticipated to be low so everyone should be able to get tons of flying laps.  Our $/hour ratio is among the lowest of any group, making it a great deal, especially when you factor in the quality aspect.  See the Payment section below for more info.

To register, you are required join the PCA - San Diego Region group on (note: this just means adding PCA - San Diego Region to your list of Clubs on; it does not make you a member of PCA).  Regardless of which region of PCA you belong to or if you don't belong to PCA at all, you must join the SDR group on this web site (again, doing so will not make you a member of PCA).  This will be done as a step in the registration process.  Non-Porsches that meet our rules are welcome!!!

Physical Damage Insurance:  Insurance for your car is available for this event via Lockton Affinity, LLC, PCA's exclusively endorsed insurance provider.  Note that liability coverage is not included and Time Trial Timed Runs are now insurable for an additional charge.  This insurance is strictly optional.  Be sure to read all the fine print.  For more info click

Lap Times and Event Info on your Mobile Phone: You may sign up for our mobile phone timing and notification system as part of your registration for this event.  For a Standard subscription (lap times for your car, notifications of postings for your run group, and important announcements), simply check the box that says you do not want a Custom subscription.  Even if you do not wish to take advantage of this service, you MUST have your mobile phone number on file with MotorsportReg in the Mobile/Cell field of your profile or your registration will not be processed.  Having your mobile number in any other field while leaving the Mobile/Cell field blank amounts to not having your mobile number in the system.  Again, your registration is not valid until this has been completed and others registering after you will be prioritized ahead of you.  To check or input this, sign in, then click the “My Account” tab, then click “My Profiles”, click on your name, then click “Edit My Information”.  Enter your mobile phone number into the field titled “Mobile/Cell” – even if you already have it in other fields – then click “Save My Information”.

Event Hotel:  TownePlace Suites Lancaster 2024 West Avenue J 8, Lancaster, CA 93536.  Our special rate is $135 per night, and this rate expires on 01 Jun 2024.  We only have a small block of rooms at this rate.  Another option is Oxford Suites (661-949-3423), and their rate is $95 per night.  This rate expires on 03 Jun 2024.

Camping at the Track:  You may camp at the track Friday and Saturday nights.  Please call Willow Springs (661) 256-6666 to make arrangements.  There may be fees payable to the track to camp.

RV rentals:  If interested in an RV rental, try El Monte RV, or Go RVing.

Early Bird Registration:  The registration fee is $525.  If you register prior to midnight on June 2nd, with credit card on file, you save $50 and your fee is only $475.  Online registration closes at 11:59 pm 09 June.

Payment:  You MUST use a credit card to pay if registering online, VISA, MasterCard, Discover preferred, though we do accept AMEX.  For complete event pricing details proceed with registration steps.  You will have a chance to confirm (or abort) after you make your selections.  Your credit card will be charged AFTER the event.

Cancellation Fee:  There are potential fees associated with cancelling after various dates.  Please see the full cancellation policy at the bottom of the next page.

If you have a question about this event that is not answered on this page or the one that follows, please contact the Registrar at:

Event requirements

NOTE:  For this event, we are using your 2024 car class.  If you have a Porsche, before continuing on to register you MUST first enter your car on the Zone 8 car classification website to determine your 2024 car class.  Even if you have previously classified your car in 2023, the rules have changed for 2024, and thus you must go to the above website, edit your car, re-examine all questions and answers, and click all the way through until you see and click on Finished to determine your proper 2024 class.  Special note for those running in SS classes:  You must now attest to your SS classification on the Zone 8 car classification website.  You will need this info in order to register on the next page.  More information on how to do this is below.

Prior Experience:  Individuals without a Zone 8 Solo Permit (or approved equivalent) must have completed at least 8 Autocross and/or DE and/or Driving School days or equivalent over the past 24 months (minimum age of 18 years, valid state driver's license, and good mental and physical health also required) to sign up for the Time Trial. Your experience will be evaluated to determine if you qualify to participate in the Drivers Education or Time Trial.  Competitive Timed Runs are optional within the Time Trial, though all Time Trialers must have an AMB/MYLAPS Transponder on their car during practice regardless.

All uncredentialed drivers are considered to be Students and will be required to have an Instructor.  Also please note that there are clothing requirements and an approved Snell helmet is required.  Please contact the Registrar at least 2 weeks prior to the event for information on helmet rental if needed.  Experienced drivers new to SDR track events may also be required to have an Instructor until their competency has been demonstrated.

TT'ers with qualifying credentials:  no charge for Solo Permits!!!  TT Students without Zone 8 Student Log Books:  please check the appropriate box to order one when you register.

You must classify your car using the 2024 Zone 8 Rules before you go on to register for this event.  If you plan to drive a Porsche in the event that was originally produced for the street, you must classify using the following website (even if you wish to run that Porsche in non-competitive X class):  If you had previously determined and entered your class in 2023 or earlier and have made no changes to your car you must still revisit the above website and click through the edit process in order for the site to recalculate properly for 2024.  Note the resulting point totals and class and enter them when you register.

Non-Porsches (which must run in X class), or Porsches not originally produced for street use, must use the following spreadsheet to determine Performance Equipment Points:  Note the Performance Equipment point total and enter it when you register.

You must use the appropriate version of the above for your car BEFORE you click Continue below and begin to register as you are required to input the resulting information as part of the registration process.  If you register without doing the above your registration will not be considered complete and you will be placed On Hold.  If you do not complete the above until after a price increase has occurred you will be required to pay the higher price.  Additionally, we reserve the right to accept others whose registrations are complete while you are On Hold, which could land you on the Waitlist once your hold is resolved.  Bottom line: follow the above instructions in the proper order to maximize your chances of participating!

Pre-Tech is Strongly Encouraged!  Please try to take your car in for service and have it thoroughly inspected prior to this event. With two full days of driving you will want to be safe and have your car make it through the weekend. Plus you'll want to be certain that, before you leave for the track, you and your car have any required safety equipment (See the Zone 8 Rules to be sure that you qualify).  All entrants pre-teching must present a current Tech Inspection Form with entrant info filled out to a qualified tech inspection shop. The tech form must have a date in the lower right corner of at least December 19, 2023. Do not use any older form as only the most recent form will be accepted. If you drive a Porsche use the form generated after you classify your car at the Zone 8 car classification site.  Cars inspected by shops not personally known to the Registrar are subject to random on-site re-inspection.  If you do not properly pre-tech you will be required to pass an on-site tech inspection at the track.  There are a limited number of volunteers available for tech inspection, if they are not able to tech your car before the drivers meeting you will miss significant track time.  Pre-tech is strongly encouraged.  If you fail at-track tech and your run group or student status has wait-listed drivers you will still be charged the entry fee for the weekend.

if you are attending the autocross on May 25th, PCA-SDR is once again proud to offer pre-tech for WSIR at the end of the Autocross event scheduled at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista on Saturday May 25th.  This year, three pre-tech options are available:

  • Pre-Tech at a qualified shop (strongly recommended for all) at shop rates.
  • Tech at the Hotel on Friday afternoon or at the track on Saturday morning.  No Tech fee.
  • Tech after the Saturday May 25th autocross.  No Tech fee.

Note that you do not have to participate in the Saturday autocross to have your car inspected.  You can drive down toward the end of the event and have your car inspected for Chuckwalla.

This is a Zone 8 event and it will run under PCA Zone 8 Driving Rules for 2024 which can be found here: Zone 8 Driving Event Rules

If there are any changes to your registration data after the online registration deadline, you need to notify the Registrar by the day of the event BEFORE the first run session.  If you know you will have a change after you sign up, it is greatly appreciated if the information can be provided to the Registrar by the Saturday prior to the event.  Doing this will save you time at the track.

All entrants and guests shall be required to sign the PCA waiver upon registering at the track.  This is in addition to any waiver that the track itself may require you to sign.  You are responsible for your guests and may be asked to leave the event if your guests are found to have not signed the PCA waiver.

The track may charge its own separate nominal entrance fee.  This fee does not go to PCA-SDR and is beyond our control.

Transponders: If you have an AMB/MYLAPS Transponder, be sure you've entered the number under "My Account."  (Hint: you do this where you edit your vehicle information.)  Enter your transponder number into the field titled “Transponder Number”.  If you don't have a Transponder, they are available for rent.  You must have a qualifying Transponder to drive in the Time Trial.  Alternatively you may borrow one from someone who is NOT participating in the event or purchase your own.  If you utilize one of these alternatives you must provide the serial number (transponder number) by one week prior to the event.  Usage of only a single Transponder is preferred for those sharing a car.  Transponder is not required for DE registrants.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of a driver’s cancellation within 2 weeks of an event, the Club reserves the right to retain a percentage of the driver’s base registration fee if the Club, in its sole discretion, determines that weather forecasts from any source may have had an adverse impact on registered driver cancellations (regardless of the stated reason for any cancellation).  In such cases, the Club will retain only that percentage of the driver’s base registration fee necessary so that the Club at most breaks even for that event.  Translation: If there’s no rain or extreme heat/cold in the forecast at any time during the two weeks prior to an event, you may cancel in writing at any time for any reason up to the time the green flag drops.  If there is rain or extreme heat/cold in the forecast and you cancel during this time, the Club may keep some of your base registration fee, but only enough so that the Club does not lose money on the event.  If other non-cancelled drivers put the Club in the black for that event, you will not be charged for cancelling.

Entries (40)

Mike Rozenblatt
Paul Wren
Mike Miller
Ashley Andreoli
Craig Adams
Richard Park
Jason Judy
Ethan Dahlkamp

Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

Rosamond, CA
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PCASDR Time Trial - Willow Springs

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