Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5, 2024

PCA-GGR DE 3 / TT 2 - Duel in the Desert

Buttonwillow Raceway

About this event

The 2024 PCA Golden Gate Region Track Series
HPDE 3 / TT 2 / Club Race 2
May 4-5, 2024
Buttonwillow Raceway

Join PCA-GGR for its third HPDE of the 2024 season at the always fun and challenging Buttonwillow Raceway!

PCA-GGR's Driver Education events are focused on safety, fun and maximum track time.

Ground School:  Ground School will be Saturday, April 20, 2024, 10:00 am to approximately noon.

At Track Orientation: Friday evening preceding the event (see event schedule for time).  All are welcome.

Registration Fees:

Two Days (Sat/Sun) - $295.00
One Day (Saturday) - $195.00
Non-Driving Instructor -  $0.00

Certified Drivers:  For those of you who have completed at least two clean weekends with GGR.
Two Days (Sat/Sun) - $595.00
One Day (Sat or Sun) - $395.00

Approved Guest (non PCA Certified) Drivers:
Two Days (Sat/Sun) - $595.00
One Day (Sat or Sun) - $395.00

Two Days (Sat/Sun) - $695.00
One Day (Sat or Sun) - $495.00

Paddock Camping:
Arrange directly with Buttonwillow Raceway:  (661) 764-5333.

Garage Rentals:
Arrange directly with Buttonwillow Raceway:  (661) 764-5333.

Procrastination Fee:
Don't dawdle!  The procrastination fee goes into effect one week prior to the event.

Three Day Weekend!
Our friends at PCA California Central Coast Region will be hosting their HPDE on Friday, May 3.  Registration information for that event will be posted soon!

Club Race Registration:
Registration for the PCA Club Racing portion of the weekend opens on March 18.  Register at:

Keep up to date!  Sign up for the GGR announcements email list to insure you are receiving the latest information:


Event requirements


Know the Rules:  Rules and requirements about you and your Porsche can be found here on the GGR website.  Please be up to speed with the rules before registering.

GGR Tech Form:  The GGR Tech Form is available here.  Please submit a completed tech form prior to arriving at the track.

2015 or later Snell SA Helmet Certification Required

Head and Neck Restraint Requirements:

  • SFI or FIA approved Head and Neck Restraints are required for all Drivers and Passengers in harness-equipped vehicles.
  • The same type of restraint system (seats, belts or harnesses, head and neck restraints) is required for both driver and passenger.
  • Harnesses are required to be SFI or FIA approved for competition and mounted in the manufacturer-approved configuration.  Any harness approved for PCA Club Racing is acceptable when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Head and Neck Restraints must be recertified every five (5) years to maintain SFI certification.  An SFI 38.1 conformance sticker marked with the inspection date is required.
  • If factory stock/DOT approved 3 point restraint systems (stock seat belts) are used, additional head and neck restraints are not required.
  • GGR does not rent or provide helmets or head and neck restraint equipment. Participants must provide their own equipment if required.

Guest Driver / Student Waiver Policy:  GGR considers you a student unless you've completed two clean events with us. If you are an experienced driver but this is your first event with GGR, please visit GGR's Guest Driver / Student Waiver Policy here. You are responsible for facilitation of the required endorsement. Please contact the Chief Driving Instructor with any questions about the policy.

Paddock Camping:
Campers are confined to the paddock area and must comply with the following conditions:

  • Restroooms and showers open all night.
  • No entry to the track after hours. (Gates close at 12:00 midnight.) 
  • No open flame campfires or barbecues. Only gas grills used for cooking are allowed.
  • No black or gray water dumping.
  • No excess noise.

PCA - HPDE Insurance Program:
In June 2009, Porsche Club of America and Lockton Affinity announced the PCA - HPDE Insurance Program.  This innovative program provides single-event physical damage coverage to PCA members who purchase the coverage through Lockton and attend High-Performance Driver's Education events.  Over the past ten years many auto insurers have changed their policies to exclude coverage for claims "occurring on a surface used for racing," "at a high-performance driving event," or "use of an auto at a racetrack."  Your existing auto insurance policy may not cover damage to your car at the track.

Information on the PCA HPDE Insurance Program can be found here:
(This information is provided as a convenience to our members and should not be construed as an endorsement.)

Coverage from other companies are available as well.

Permanent Reserved Numbers:
If you are a regular participant of our HPDE events, we encourage you to order a nice set of numbers for your beautiful Porsche. You will keep your number as long as you attend events regularly. If you don't attend an event in 24 months, your number will be made available if requested. Click here to see the numbers, if you find one that is not taken, email your desired number to:

Any questions?
Ask the Track Co-Chairs:
Ask the CDI:
Ask the Registrar:
Visit the Official Website:

See you at the track!

Jim McClelland
Scott Kalkin

Steve Hogge
Chief Driving Instructor

Heath Spencer
PCA-GGR Registrar

Entries (15)

Carolyn Wong
Carlos Mendoza
Joe Mendoza
Chuck Lukaszewski
Steven Hogge
Jing Ge-Stadnyk
Brad Zucroff
Eddie Pettis

Buttonwillow Raceway

Buttonwillow, CA
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Buttonwillow Raceway

PCA-GGR DE 3 / TT 2 - Duel in the Desert

Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5, 2024