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Wed, Sep 20 - Thu, Sep 21, 2023

Open Track and Intermediate HPDE

Watkins Glen International

About this event

Welcome to Trackmasters' season finale event at the world famous Watkins Glen International race circuit.

Trackmasters’ events have two run groups daily:  a 5-hr, Open Track format for advanced drivers, and a 2-hr HPDE format for DE drivers. 

Our Open Track is for drivers at the top levels of high performance driving, including: professional and amateur racers; certified DE instructors; and very experienced DE drivers.  Open Track drivers can look forward to 5 hours per day of pure, unadulterated, open lapping time.  We take Open Track qualification seriously.   While point-by’s are still required, drivers in our Open Track group are expected to have the situational awareness and the predictability to give and take a point-by anywhere on the track as necessary to allow overtaking cars to maintain their pace and momentum.   

Drivers new to Trackmasters will be able to register for Open Track but may be requested to have an Open Track checkout ride by one of our Advanced Coaches at the event. So please make sure your driving history is up to date on Motorsportreg.com.  If you have any questions about your readiness for Open Track, please contact us before registering.

The HPDE group at this event is for Intermediate level drivers.  Our DE group is on track four times per day.   The Trackmasters’ Intermediate group encompasses a wide range of drivers with varied experience, including:

  • The driver early in his/her development with maybe only 8 – 10 days of DE experience and still values some in-car instruction
  • The driver with dozens of track days behind them, much of it solo.  This driver is typically adding seat time while they improve their situational awareness and gradually explore the performance limits of their car
  • The driver with years of experience in DE that is qualified for Open Track yet prefers a run group populated more with street cars than dedicated track cars.

Trackmasters’ Intermediate DE program is designed to progress the intermediate driver over multiple events to qualify for the Open Track group.    The Intermediate DE Group has access to our Advanced Coaches for in-car and data coaching.  In addition, we have developed a Nine-Course Intermediate Instructional program, covering the physics of high-performance driving and car set up, and up to three of those courses will be delivered at this event.

Intermediate Drivers may register directly.  Please make sure your driving history is up to date on Motorsportsreg.com.        


Event requirements

All registered drivers must be 18 years old or older and must possess a valid state issued drivers license at time of driving event.
All drivers must have a Snell rated helmet with an SA2015 or an SA 2020 rated helmet. Motorcycle helmets are not allowed.
All drivers must submit a completed TECH form attesting that their car meets minimum standards as per event requirements.
For a more comprehensive set of event requirements, please go to: www.trackmasters.com


Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen, NY
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