Fri, Aug 11, 2023

Ohio Valley Region SCCA Time Trials 2023

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

About this event

Join the Ohio Valley Region SCCA for our Inaugural 2023 Time Trials event! This event is Round 5 of the Indy Region SCCA Time Trials series scoring the best 3 event finishes and Leg 2 of the OP/TT "Fastest of All" competition. Be sure to check out our region’s new website:!

On August 11th, 2023 OVR SCCA and Indy Region SCCA join forces to get you on track in a fun and safe environment at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.  Time Trials will be open to ALL, it is the same as an open track day, but with the added element of receiving timed laps during your sessions on track, better traffic control for more clean laps, and awards at the end of the day.  We have included the all the needed timing equipment in the cost of the event. We have classes with professional Instruction for Novice Drivers.

Time Trials/Track Events are open to street licensed and “closed wheel” cars. Not an SCCA member? No problem!  If you decide to sign up, $15 of your entry can be applied the cost to a full membership!

Entry Fee:  $300/day - SCCA Members receive a $25 discount and/or $10 off for Westhold or MyLaps transponder owners! 
This is the most Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course track time for the money! Novice – Intermediate – Advanced – Race Run Groups. Novice group drivers will receive included Professional Driving instruction in the classroom. 

Who: OVR SCCA, part of Indy Region SCCA Time Trials series

What: Time Trials Event Round 5

Where: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Lexington, Ohio (PRO Course)

When: August 11th, 2023   


Sanction #: 23-TERG-59648 

Download and READ:

                                       SCCA Tech Form HERE 

                                       Competition Rules HERE

                                       Car Classing Rules HERE

                                       SCCA Safety Rules HERE

                                       Supplemental Rules HERE

And, the ACTUALSchedule:

7:30 - Worker's Meeting at Tech Garage 7/Impound
8:00 8:15 Driver's Meeting at Tech Garage 7/Impound
8:15 8:25 Adv/Int/i+ Pace Laps
8:25 8:45 Novice Pace Laps
8:45 9:05 Advanced
9:05 9:25 iPlus
9:25 9:45 Intermediate
9:45 10:05 Novice
10:05 10:10 Flex
10:10 10:30 Advanced
10:30 10:50 iPlus
10:50 11:10 Intermediate
11:10 11:30 Novice
11:30 12:20 LUNCH
12:20 12:40 Advanced
12:40 1:00 iPlus
1:00 1:20 Intermediate
1:20 1:40 Novice
1:40 1:50 Flex
1:50 2:10 Advanced
2:10 2:30 iPlus
2:30 2:50 Intermediate
2:50 3:10 Novice
3:10 3:20 Flex
3:20 3:35 Advanced
3:35 3:50 iPlus
3:50 4:05 Intermediate
4:05 4:20 Novice
4:20 4:30 Flex
4:30 - Cold Track
5:00 6 or 7? Awards at Impound/Garage 2

Expect a finalized schedule to be emailed out prior to the event.

Our events are FAMILY FRIENDLY!  Bring yourself, your mom, your kids, or your buddies and have a great day Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!

**Race prepared cars are allowed.  Please see the Time Trial rules for acceptable vehicles.  NO OPEN WHEEL CARS ALLOWED at this event.

What is an SCCA Time Trial?

Time Trial event is the same as a Track Event, except sessions have a timing element. Bring your machine, put it (and you) to the test, and go for trophies and prizes. The SCCA Time Trial Nationals will be held October 12-15th at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Adam DeLong, Time Trials Chair – Ohio Valley Region SCCA OR (740) 497-1185 (text preferred, voice by appointment)

Event requirements

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Online Speed Waiver:

This waiver is required for racers, crew members, volunteers, and spectators alike, and must be filled out before arriving to the track.

Ohio Valley Region SCCA August 11-13 Waiver

or scan the following QR code with your device:

A qr code with black squares Description automatically generated


It is highly recommended that all convertible vehicles be equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the SCCA Time Trials Safety Rules. However, convertible vehicles may participate in Track Night events provided the vehicle meets at least one of the following criteria and is not subject to any of the below exceptions:

- The vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the SCCA Time Trials rules.

- The vehicle is equipped with documented factory installed roll over protection (examples of manufacture documented roll over protection would include hydroformed and reinforced a-pillars or windshield frames and factory installed roll bars and/or “pop-up” bars that are designated as roll over protection.

- The Vehicle is a 2006-year model or newer.

Exceptions: In addition, vehicles that were manufactured since 2006 that fall into any of the below categories must meet the criteria stated above for factory or aftermarket roll over protection:

- Vehicles equipped with factory V8 or forced induction engine

- Vehicles modified meaningfully beyond the factory performance potential (examples: engine swaps, aftermarket forced induction)

Note: Targa and T-Top vehicles are classified as "hard tops" and do not have to meet the terms and conditions of the convertible policy.

If you have questions, contact the Chief of Tech.

SCCA Tech Form HERE 

Competition Rules HERE

Car Classing Rules HERE

SCCA Safety Rules HERE

Supplemental Rules 2023 Mid-Ohio TT Supps - ADD.doc

**Race prepared cars are allowed.  Please see the Time Trials rules for acceptable vehicles HERE.  NO OPEN WHEEL CARS ALLOWED at this event.

Entries (90)

Kevin Bus
Jim Tibor
Matthew Benazic
Enrik Benazic
Scott Ross
Toby Weber
Eric Franz
Charlie Rogers

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Lexington, OH
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