Sun, Mar 28, 2021

NRSCCA Solo Points Event #1

Lincoln Air Park

About this event

           Presents the Solo Points Series Event #1 at the Lincoln Air Park!

     Sunday, March 28th, 2021 - Solo Points #1

Eventmaster Solo Points #1: Kevin McEnhill
Solo Safety Steward: Stephen Ducharme


Sunday Event Schedule 

Gates open at 8:00 am
Tech: 8:30 - 9:30 am  
Novice Driver Meeting: 9:15 am                       
Course Closed for Walking: 9:45 am
Mandatory Driver's Meeting: 10:00 am
First Car on Course: 10:30 am
There will be a parade lap for each heat! (OPTIONAL)

SCCA Member Cost: 
        Sunday Points Event: $40



To pre-register, you must have a card on file for your MSR account. However, this card will not be charged until you are checked-in on-site. And refunds should not be necessary as you will only be charged for the event if you are in attendance.


To rent a loaner helmet, you must request one through the registration process.  The cost is $5.00, and numerous sizes are available.  Further details are below:

  • All helmet rentals come with a disposable balaclava.  This balaclava must be worn when wearing the helmet.
    • Other balaclavas, including ones reused from previous rentals, are not allowed.
  • Helmet rentals are only for the heat that you participate in as a driver, and must be promptly returned at the end of the heat.
  • Each size of helmet has a limited quantity, and their availability is on a first-come basis.

Please remain in your car with the windows up and follow the directions of the tech inspector.

Please visit to fill out the electronic waiver.

Location Information:

Located in NW Lincoln, West of the Lincoln Airport.
Closest Intersection: NW 34th Street & West Mathis Street, Lincoln, NE 68524

Directions from I-80:

  • Take the NW 48th Exit North from I-80 
  • Turn right (East) on West Mathis Street
  • Continue East until you reach the fence
  • Turn Right and sign the waiver at the gate

Event requirements

Social Distancing at NRSCCA Activities
June 12, 2020

Welcome back to Motorsports competition with the Nebraska Region, Sports Car Club of America. I am Steve Ducharme, your Regional Executive, working with the Solo Team (Tony and Trent), RallyCross Chair (Kevin Schatz) and other club leaders.

The purpose of this message is to inform you of measures that your leadership is taking to keep our activities safe in the during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am sure that you are all well aware of the purpose of Social Distancing – to minimize the opportunities for transmission of the coronavirus. Remember, that some of our members are among those most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and many more of us have family or friends who we want to keep safe by staying healthy.

The measures that we are taking follow the guidance of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC, and the requirements stipulated by the Lincoln/Lancaster County Department of Health. Here is what we are doing to facilitate social distancing and keep all of our members safe and health. The attached flyer from the CDC summarizes their recommendations. You will find this flyer and other helpful information at

SOCIAL DISTANCING: There is plenty of room at our event sites to maintain social distancing of at least six feet between individuals preferably further when possible. We recommend that you do this in order to protect yourself and others. Please your distance while in paddock, in grid, or waiting for the portable toilets. Some ares will be marked with boxes 6 feet apart to guide you. Another good guide is the concrete slabs; most are twenty-five feet wide.

FACE COVERINGS: We recommend that you wear recommended face coverings whenever you are around others. We asks that you bring your own masks. Bandanas and scarves will work well, especially of folded into three layers. We will, however, have a limited supply of disposable masks available for a small cost.

HAND WASHING & HAND SANITIZER: We will have supplies of hand sanitizer and a hand washing station available for you to use. Use these before and after using the portable toilets and also before and after touching surfaces that others may touch. Nitrile gloves can help in this regard, but only if they are kept clean.

FOOD & DRINK: Please bring your own and carefully discard the empties and packaging. We will stack bottled water that you are welcome to consume on site. Please do not leave water bottles or other items laying around for others to pick up.

PADDOCK & GRID: Paddock your vehicles at least 25 feet apart, the width of one of the large concrete squares. Use more space if you need it for your tow vehicle and trailer as well. This way, you can work around your vehicles while maintaining distance. We will grid cars further apart for the same reason.

VEHICLE TECH INSPECTION: Bring your vehicle to tech and follow the instructions of the inspection team. Wait for instructions.  

COMMUNICATIONS: Our primary means of communication with you will be by the Public address system and the live timing web page ( Keep your distance from the trailer, course and grid workers, and others operating the event. If you have a question about timing or the status of your runs, please speak to a grid worker, from a safe distance, of course.

WORK ASSIGNMENTS: As is our practice, all participants are also event workers who keep the event moving ahead smoothly. This may mean handling shared equipment or touching cones or other surfaces that others have touched. Therefore, we ask you to put on a fresh pair of nitrile gloves (provided) at the beginning of your work assignment, before picking up radios, flags, cones, etc. Radios and Flags should be brought back to the trailer so that they can be sanitized between work sessions.

The Mission of the SCCA is to fuel a safe, fun and exciting motorsports experience for auto enthusiasts. Our Vision is to be the preferred motorsports community in the U.S., built on fun, shared passion and access to an exhilarating motorsports experience.

Keep Safe; Stay Healthy; Have Fun.

Steve Ducharme (392540)
Regional Executive Nebraska Region SCCA
(402) 416-8693


All Competitors must register online by the posted date and time, and must complete on-site check-in during the time period specified the Event Schedule. All competition vehicles must pass the safety technical inspection ("Tech") during the time period specified the Event Schedule. 

Vehicle Number Information:

Single driver vehicles MUST choose an available number between 1 and 99.  Vehicles with co-drivers should have the primary driver with a number between 1-99, with the co-driver having the number +100.  Ex: Driver 1, number 12, co-driver number 112 in the same class.  This allows us to group your vehicle in proper grid spot with your co-driver.  

NRSCCA PAX Class Explanations

NRSCCA Offers entrants to run in SCCA Open Classes, or in one of the following PAX Classes:

Ladies PAX
Open to all ladies driving vehicles eligible for any open class. Open To: Ladies in All Open Classes. Displayed Car Class is Open Class+L (for example SSL, ASPL, SML, etc) or LDY.

Designed for experienced drivers to compete against other experienced drivers across various classes. Open To: All Open Classes.  Displayed Car Class is PRO.

Vehicles entered in one of the above PAX classes will run with the designated PAX class, and not with the open class.  Cars running in the incorrect heat or with an incorrect class designation on their vehicles may not be scored at the discretion of the event staff.  Please be aware of run orders.  If there are any questions, please ask.

NRSCCA also offers a non-points, non-trophy Novice Class (NOV). This class is intended for new participants that don't necessarily feel they are ready for open class competition. People who consider themselves as novices DO NOT have to run in this class.

Competitor and Vehicle Preparation:

Competitors must have a driver’s license valid on the day of competition and be familiar with the current SCCA Solo Rules. The competition vehicle must comply with the the current SCCA Solo Rules. and ready to pass an onsite technical inspection. 

Entries (112)

Matthew Grainger
Mark Hill
Samuel Bennett
Nick spellman
Galen Wilson
Jeremy Wilson
Bradley Teager
Konrad Christen

Lincoln Air Park

Lincoln, NE
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Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Nebraska Region

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